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I'm happy about.... - Stanley - 05-15-2003

I'm happy about having 3 more games to play on my PS2

-SSX Tricky
-Spy Hunter
-MAx Payne

Well, I don't have them yet but in the end of the month
My dad gonna buy me one and my uncle two and they about $20 dollars each......

I don't know why I typing this Sad :W:

I'm happy about.... - The Benny (Macho) - 05-15-2003

I don't know why you typed it either Stan, but I'm happy that you are happy [Image: fing02.gif]

I'm happy about.... - Mr. SunburnMan - 05-15-2003

I'm happy that my brother's network adapter works. :confused:

I'm also glad that you are happy. Let's share the love!

I'm happy about.... - Dmitry M. (Lazer) - 05-15-2003

Come on guys, lets not abuse the forum because Arnold's gone.

This is Confusedpam: and :locked: hates(or loves, which ever way you want to put it) spam.