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Nights into Dreams: The Music!!! - farfus - 09-22-2008

Being a huge fan of the Nights game(s) on the Saturn, i recently downloaded the music from the games on both the Saturn and the Wii. Must say it brought back wonderful memories that i will always treasure. This music was voted the top video game soundtrack of all time, if im not correct (feel free to correct). Being into music as much as i am, i own several video game soundtracks, and treasure them deeply to this day. This game is the reason we play games, pure enjoyment through and through! Thanks again to Sega and their creative team for bringing this game back into our presence!! :rox:

Nights into Dreams: The Music!!! - farfus - 10-21-2008

The more i listen to the music of Nights the more i love it, easily one of the greatest game/music soundtracks ever IMO, and that wont ever change......