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Console Gaming VS. Computer Gaming!! On On-Going Debate!!
Which do you prefer and why?

I personally prefer computer gaming because there aren't any wars, you just buy the games you want and you don't have to worry about a computer game not coming to your computer. Desides, the computer is FPS heaven. I love it.

This is the reason i recently sold my Xbox and Gamecube. My computer needed upgraded, so i went out and bought a good bit of ram and i'm trying to figure out which graphics card is the best buy.
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Console gaming though computer gaming online is defenitly 100 billion times better.
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only thing i really prefer on a PC is fps. nothing better than mouse-aiming.
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I've probably logged many more hours into my PC playing Diablo II, Starcraft, and the Half-Life series than any other on my console. However, my PC is five years old and can't run much that is new today. Also, my desk chair that I have to sit in is a uncomfortable orange eye-sore. (not that it has much to do with PC gaming but my own) I'd probably have to say I perfer console gaming. It's just plain easier to do for me, and obviously you play games that you'd never see on PC. Hell, I could go on and on because there are probably close to a thousand console games that would never end up on PC LEGALLY. (emulators Wink) I'll give credit to one more thing about PC gaming though. You literally have to use all of your fingers instead of just your thumbs. Y'know, get a full-hand workout. :p
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World of Warcraft has stolen my brain. Sad
LOL i am like Tosser my comp is old and worthless and i need an Aleinware comp badly Big Grin . But the main games i play as it is are D2XPac and Tribes 1 and it runs those perfectly. I have played D2, Tribes, D2XPac, and Half-life so much it wouild make your head spin. Those games are awsome but my PS2 is GOD. I love that thing to death. And since i can play any game made for PS2 no matter what that makes it awesome. The Final Fantasy Series, .hack, Legacy of Kain, and Armored Core series make it my choice for the which is better. So console gameing is better. (Until i get my Aleinware comp that is Big Grin )
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I got sick and tired of PC gaming when I got sick and tired of investing a few hundred bucks a year in my PC just to keep up to date.

Since then I've put all my gaming focus on the console market, which generally has the most creative stuff anyway. (most pc games are RTSs and FPSs - yawn)

I've only bought one PC game since Jedi Knight (I) - and that's Sim City 4. Too bad the performance of the game isn't decent when I get big towns... I'll wait until my next comp, I guess, since I liked it very much.

The only forthcoming PC game that interests me is Doom3, and Deus Ex 2, but they'll probably both be on Xbox (probably with inferior graphics, but my Xbox cost me $200 so what do I care?).
I like console gaming still, simply for the live action co-op stuff. You can beat up your friends online with a PC but you can give a person to person trash talking with console games.

I was never into PC games until I built my new PC. Now I'm willing to try all the new stuff and find myself playing on it more and more.
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Console gaming all the way. I don't like sitting in a chair, starring at a small screen. I rather relax to play games. I don't like PC style games very much. The PC doesn't have many Japanese games that consoles have because those are my favorite.Wink
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PC wins it for me, my consoles have only ever been secondary systems. Then again my favourite game types are probably FPS's, RPG's and RTS's, all of which are better on PC, mainly because of the mouse. People who prefer things like fighting games or GTA-style games are always going to find consoles better, as the controllers are beter suited to those games.
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Starcraft is probably the greatest game made but I still prefer console gaming for some reason.

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