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Final Fantasy VIII - My Thoughts
Don't bother now. You won't be able to get any of the important cards if you're already on disc three and you haven't been playing. You pretty much have to start playing right away, to do the major card related sidequests.
Card-related side quests? God, that sounds as enjoyable as being forced to play Blitzball. Cards may just have to be one area of FFVIII I never fully explore, unless of course I develop masochistic tendencies later in life..
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I wasn't really into cards either at first. The first few times I played VIII I never really touched them, and immediately refined all the cards I got.

However, this last time through I started playing a lot right at the beginning, and found that once I had built up my collection of cards, the game became incredibly interesting.

Also, the card related side quests are probably the most complex, involved side quests you can do in that game, or any other game for that matter.

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