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Who all here is a single next-gen console owner?
I've always had two consoles. SNES and Genesis, PSX and N64, PS2 and Gamecube. It's kind of funny that I just noticed that. My Saturn and DC don't count because, I kind of bought them, "on the side" if you will.
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I only have PS2....I think its the best system out of the and my friend kinda share a gamecube for the resident evil games but its mostly his.

O ya and I have dreamcast but i also kinda bought it on the side.....its easily one of the greatest systems ever.
I am a 2 console owner, I only own 2 at the moment actually, Maybe the MASTER SYSTEM is buried in my room but at the moment I only have my PS2 and my Xbox.

Both are great consoles, I "Might" pick up a Gamecube just because of Resident Evil, Zelda and the new Metal Gear Solid game but for now im quite content with what I've got although I need a few more games, I havent had a good go on my PS2 or Xbox for a few weeks. Thats probably because school started but i only have 3 games on each so yeah.

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Nope. I have 4 PS2s, 2 DCs, an Xbox, a GameCube, a GBA, SNES, and a Genesis.
i only have a ps2 and im not interested in getting another console right now.and i dont get a system for just one game so even if a game comes out on another system i probably wouldnt get it.
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Only a PS2

That's all I need...
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Well....Nintendo screwed me so many times it

But, I'm a one man console man. Had the PSX and now the PS2. I will stick with Playstation...backward games...SOLD! This year I'm going to dive into the portable gaming market with the new Game Boy SP....and see how that goes.

**Oh, I will get another system...the Phantom!!!!!!! It's just to play "Adult Only"! Just kidding!:rollin:

P.S: protosniper has the best sig on this forum!!! Damn!:eek:
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I have only owned 4 consoles my whole life 2 of whitch were stolen: I had a Nintendo and Genesis (both stolen): I have a PS2 and PS at the moment but i am about to sell the PS
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I only own a PS2, actually.......I will soon own a GBA SP as well Smile

Quote:Originally posted by Arnold K. (EIC)
Nope. I have 4 PS2s, 2 DCs, an Xbox, a GameCube, a GBA, SNES, and a Genesis.

Hey Arnold, you get in your imported GBA SP yet like you said you were doing? Guess not since we haven't heard anything from you.
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Wow this is old LMAO

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