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Dead or Alive movie
I literally had to surpress the urge to vomit after reading this.

As if it weren't bad enough, there will actually be volleyball scenes with the DOA lady characters in the movie, as a tie in to DOA:XV.

Am I the only one that thinks this is utterly retarded?
If there's a good cast and an NC-17 rating I'm watching it. Big Grin
What a surprise. I'm sure all the other people who type one-handed like you will agree with that statement, Arnold. Big Grin
NC-17 won't do. It needs to be XXX to really draw the crowds. Any ideas as to which porn stars could play the characters ?Big Grin
They're making a movie out of Crazy Taxi. Nothing would surprise me anymore, especially not a DOA movie.
It's likely to be crap but it does have potential.

They're going to have to either focus on the fighting (Like Mortal Kombat) or the women.

I personally think if they go for a MK style movie they're going to pull the crowds in.

If they focus on the women a PG-13 rating will not be high enough to raise it above a mediocre standing.
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I been done a hundred times before. The Quest, Mortal kombat, blood sport, Kickboxer 1 2 3 4 &5. Come up with something origional.
Jenna Jameson -- Tina
Kira Kener -- Kasumi
Tera Patrick -- Hitomi
Kiana Tom -- Ayane
Stacy Valentine -- Helena

Quote:Originally posted by Arnold K. (EIC)
Jenna Jameson -- Tina
Kira Kener -- Kasumi
Tera Patrick -- Hitomi
Kiana Tom -- Ayane
Stacy Valentine -- Helena


Who gets to play the part of the volleyball ?:rollin:

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