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Thirty Year Anniversary for Konami
Word on the Street
Celebrating the Thirtieth Anniversary of the corporation, it would also seem a judicious moment to reflect on the company of 1973, and the company of 2003.

The Thirtieth celebration is slightly off, as in fact the Kagemasa Kozuki operation was started in 1969 as a jukebox company. It was only in 1973 that saw Konami Industries Co., Limited established and starts to build amusement machines. The air-brushing of the early days of the Kozuki-san operation has constantly led some individuals to question the structure of the embryonic Konami - a company which has now come to represent an industry powerhouse.

The amusement successes for Konami during the 'Golden Era' of coin-op included Scramble, Frogger, Track & Field and Rush 'N Attack. The vast success of the Gradius series, cementing Konami as a factory with a major future. In later years the establishment of the BeMania genre and the strengths in driving and gun games all adding to the status of the factory as top placed manufacturers faltered.

2002 saw a huge manufacturer and developer, with revenue of $1.7billion traded on the Japanese Tokyo Stock Exchange and American NYSE. Now broken into five divisions (Gaming Business, Amusement Business, Toy & Hobby Business, Exercise Entertainment Business, and Computer and Video game Business). A major consolidation of the Amusement Business has caused much bloodletting hoping to shake-off the old, ready for the new.

The anniversary of the establishment of Konami (America) Inc., however has not been celebrated, the twentieth anniversary of the U.S.A. division last year marked at the same time the closure of the operations amusement presence succeeded only by the consumer and gaming operation. The loss of the Australian office and the total rescaling of the European office (announced in 2003 even though started in 2002) showed the difference between the consumer software successes - against the amusement operation.

In Asia, Konami is betting much of its coin-op and arcade future on a strategy called e-Amusement, meaning network communication and memory storage cards. Each one of their future games will embrace e-Amusement connectivity and will be supported by the eeMall kiosk system. It is the investment into innovative technology (seen with the MoCap development, and with the foundational revenue that has come from the BeMania phenomena) that has underpinned Konami.

The Anniversary of the company was marked with a new logo and styling of the Konami brand, with news that more extensive reorganization was still on the cards for the operation, possibly including a streamlining of the manufacturing and distribution process in Japan of amusement titles.
What Could this all Mean

The ability to build on the BeMania franchise, having already crossed into home gaming, is a major revenue generator compared to other brands. 2003 will represent an upheaval in the corporations future with a vast expenditure in its gaming and exercise operations hoped to address the slide in the amusement business.

In Europe, Konami has restructured its approach with Avranches acting extensively as Mainland European third party brand manager, but this new distribution strategy has already run into a number of difficulties. The distinctive working practices of Avranches leading to disrupted deliveries, magnified by the popularity of the Konami's Warzaid release. Some operators having already voiced concerns on the manufacturer supporting European favorites first, however this is more likely the bumps to be expected from the new structure than any favoritism.

Source :

The Stinger Report
Here's a birthday cake:

[Image: Happy-Birthday-Cake-99.jpg]

Now give me my Metal Gear Solid 3!

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