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How long have you been a gamer? (What was your first console)
Let's see...I've been a gamer for about 13 years, now. My first console (though technically a computer) was a Commodore 64.

Ditto with the C64 dude, though I also had a Spectrum 128k at the same time. As for when, can't really say. My dad had the two systems and I pretty much always remember them being around for me to play on.
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atari 2600
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The first system I ever touched was a Gameboy, the first I ever owned was a SNES. I think that was back in '94...
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My dad owned an atari 2600 which I played all the time but the first system *computer* that was put into my room for just me was the Commodore 64.
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atari 2600. though i dont remember much about it cause i was really really young.
Atari 2600, I was hooked on this racing game... Can't remember the name.
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ahhhh................ pole position. those were the days.
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First console i owned was The Sega MegaDrive
I've been playing games since 1986. I didn't own a NES until 1989, but that's when I first played one at my uncle's place.

The game that got my attention was Capcom's 1942. Not that Mario game that he also had, which, at the time and compared to 1942, I found quite boring except for the underwater level.

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