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How long have you been a gamer? (What was your first console)
Quote:Originally posted by lue
I started around 1990, with the NES my bros and I shared. That's where I would spend most of my time, downstairs trying to beat good ol' Mario Brothers, with the Duck Hunt included. Man, I remember my brothers and I always going right up to the screen to get those ducks, just so we could beat the game Tongue

As lue said, I think it was '89 or '90 when we first got our NES. We bought it used off my uncle with Super Mario 1 and 3 as well as Blades of Steel (A CLASSIC!) all for $50 I think. A few years later (I think in '94 or '95) we sold the NES and bought an SNES off my neighbour - we still have the thing sitting in my brothers room. A year or two later we then bought a brand new Playstation. We sold it 6 months before the PS2 came out and got our PS2 that November (and have had 2 replacement ones since because of "malfunctions", ie. DRE's etc...).

Oh ya, I've also owned a GBC, a GBA, and now a GBA SP.
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The atari was my first.
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Quote:are any of you old enough to remember the Spectrum Vs Commodore shit going on? very few people owned both.

I hold my head high as one of the proud and the few who owned both. They were both very cool for their time, some great games Big Grin
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Genesis - played that in the shelter as i cleaned guns, ahh..the good times.
Once, i killed a man, and didnt even wait till he fell to turn away and walk.
someone should write a book ...

1st system I played - Fairchild system 1
1st system I bought a cartridge for - Intellivision (my bro's)
1st system I owned - Atari 5200
Atari 2600 but very young and can only remember back to NES
I started out playing ColecoVision at my grandma's house and the first system I owned myself was an NES.
I dont realy know what what my first was, I think it was comandore or amiga!

I think i have played for 14 year's or something like that.

But I stick to PC now Big Grin
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I should shouldnt i...
Once, i killed a man, and didnt even wait till he fell to turn away and walk.

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