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It's the year 2000 what are you playing? =)
What were you playing 3 years ago? I fondly remember playing my Japanese PS2 and Dreamcast like no tomorrow early on in the year. Later on the summer came along and I was in RPG heaven. The fall blew me away. The PS2 came out and I was overloaded with PS2 games to review. goes my list in chronological order:

Tekken Tag Tournament
Ridge Racer V
Dead or Alive 2: Hardcore
Armored Core 2
Chrono Cross
Final Fantasy IX
Madden NFL 2001
Tekken Tag US
Ridge Racer V US
Midnight Club 1
FIFA 2001
Sky Odyssey
Unreal Tournament PS2

That should be about right.
i don't even remember what i did yesterday let alone 3 years ago.
2000? Hmmmm, let me think............

Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy VIII
Vagrant Story
Metal Gear Solid
Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions
MediEvil 2
Majora's Mask
Automobili Lamborghini (N64)
Monster Truck Madness (N64)
Madden '99 (N64)
Soul Calibur
Hydro Thunder
Speed Devils
SEGA Bass Fishing
Crazy Taxi
Quote:Automobili Lamborghini (N64)

SHIT! You must've been smokin' some seriously good green. Damn. You're sharing with me at LA. I hope you still have some left!!

Omega Boost
Fear Effect:Retro Helix
GT2 I think......

I'm with everett102....can't
[Image: catdafelix.png] [Image: catdafelix.png]
Quote:Originally posted by Arnold K. (EIC)

SHIT! You must've been smokin' some seriously good green. Damn. You're sharing with me at LA. I hope you still have some left!!

My friend brought it over. I liked Automobili just fine, it wasn't that bad. Remember, back in early 2000 I was just getting back into gaming, so I had retardedly low standards.
Ahhh, yes. Dis' iz tru.
Gee I wonder who that was?

I was playing RogueSpear and SoulCalibre with Ryan and shooting fireworks in his parking lot piss drunk and stoned?
I sort of remember
-Chrono Cross
-Legend of Dragoon
-Suikoden II
-Final Fantasy IX
-Final Fantasy VIII (That's when I beat it)
-Final Fantasy VII (That's when I beat it)
-Final Fantasy Vi (That's when I beat it)
-Ridge Racer V
-RPG Maker
-Skies of Arcadia
-Grandia II
-NBA 2k1
-NFL 2k1
-Sega GT
-Canon Spike
-Crazy Taxi
-Test Drive LeMans

It was a big Dreamcast year for me. That was the year I was a little ticked at Sony and I stopped supporting them. I just recently came back early this year and I don't plan to leave. I blammed the death of the DC on Sony for no reason.
[Image: ManaKnight.png]
Ah, yes. I forgot Legend of Dragoon. Add that one to my list, too.

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