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having trouble replying to the other thread. all day its been like that. felix said he couldnt reply to it either so im starting a new thread.

we played our 1st quads match tonight. we won. it was tougher than i thought it was gonna be. we prevailed in the end though, thats all that matters.
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Btw Dank, I was tryin to reply to your last post in that other thread but it wouldn't let me. Hope you didn't take it as... you know... I'm sorry. I guess it doesn't matter now Sad
Yep fun match guys. Glad I could help. And I know you couldn't have done it without me. Big Grin :lol:
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World of Warcraft has stolen my brain. Sad
Yeah Topper, thanks for playing, that was an awesome match. Quads is actually a lot more fun than I thought it would be. A lot more strategy involved, mixed with run-n-gun. What is the story with GD? Is he playing? Im not going thru this bullshit again where we dont have players for matches and stuff... If he cant play, he's beat and we get a 4th.

[Image: dank.jpg]
I tried getting online with socom for an hour and a half... DRE's all the way through.. My other games work though, so I guess I have to invest in a new SOCOM on Thursday.
Where there are no rules or boundries, there I play.
Good fucking games, dunk. Smile Wink

"psxe cats" rula.

All your MVPs are belong to us.
Yeah, I friggin dominated all day today. I played in the morning and late afternoon. I had 5 or 6 MVPs on that rats/glory/frost room in only 6 or 7 games. I play better during the morning and day cuz Im more awake. Im playing tonite though, AIM me if interested...

[Image: dank.jpg]
=AoA= is now recruiting for its quads team. everynight i play now, i will be hosting a game in East 8 called =AoA= Tryouts (or something along the lines of that). anyone wish to join, u gotta play w/ me, Felix, or Dank 1st.
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Felix, i got us a recruit. u need to give me the socomclans info. we need a match Sunday night!Big Grin
[Image: lighedshirt.gif]
Cool man. I'm back at 7pm est your time tomorrow. Aim me......Smile
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