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my thoughts of Devil May Cry 2 so far.
Let me first say that I've only played part 1 for a grand total of 15 minutes at a friends house.

That being said, I still can't see what all the commotion is about whith this being some kind of a "dissapointment".

This is one of the most beautiful games I have seen On PS2 yet, it controls LIKE A DREAM. The weapons are kick ass, I love how he shoots behind his back and stuff at the other approaching enemies...It's cool that there is an upgrade system.


The boss fights are so friggin' awesome, it reminds me of the contra Hayday, when boss battles meant a huge monster coming at you...and all you can do is blast away hoping that maybe the NEXT SHOT will kill him...nope, damn, ok maybe THIS ONE!!!

I really like the level design so far, and the textures are top notch...

The cinemas I've seen so far are jaw dropping, I.E, When that building morphed into a demon face..and the hand came out as well...that was some of the coolest shit I've seen in ANYTHING, let alone a VIDEO GAME....I've never seen anything that cool in a movie.
Couldn't agree with you more, the game fucking rocks!
Although it isn't as good as the first.Sad
[Image: britpsxesmall.jpg][Image: Super%20FLEXXO.png]
Sure worked for me, i rented it and another game when it first came out, kept me busy for most of five days...
If you have the original and play the sequel afterwards, you'll notice a world of difference. DMC2 is soooooooooooooooo easy.
well I am going to be buying the original pretty soon. But I just LOVE this game. This is what I am talking about, they need to implement some of this stuff into a resident evil game.

Personally, I loved them both.
<b>I have nothing to show!!!</b>
I must not be all that great at these games, cause's not easy.
The trick to DMC2 is to stand back and blast away. If you do that, you will beat it no problem. DMC1 was better in every way, but I liked both.
<b>I have nothing to show!!!</b>
Wow...yeah, you must not be that good. Tongue

The BIGGEST complaint people had with DMC2 was ho easy it is.
It is pretty easy.

LOL, i just noticed that voice was born the same day and year as my cousin.
<b>I have nothing to show!!!</b>

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