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Red Dead Revolver!!
Rockstar games plans to release this BADASS OF A GAME THIS SPRING!!!!!!!!!

I cannot wait to play this sounds so cool!!
Eh, not really new news..but yeah..I've been waiting for this game ever since Capcom first announced it's development. Hopefully Rockstar can fix all the of problems that were the reason for Capcom first cancelling it and make it an ever more awesome game.
im looking forward to it!

tho, I really do think that GTA should go back in time....

GTA: Dead mans Gulch
GTA: Highwayman's path to riches

whatta you think.. huh?, ok

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I don't think you could call it grand theft "auto" anymore. maybe something like grand theft horse or chariot. Maybe they could go to Thailand and call it grand theft pachyderm Tongue
I'm not to excited about the game. It looks cool and everything. But from the hands on previews it had alot of problems. And face it. Rock* isn't that good. Ecspecially when you look at the guys who are working on it. Its rock* San Diego, they havn't done much next to Smugglers Run and Midnight Club. But hey, i'll keep the faith.
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