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Ever get the feeling some people are obsessed with Halo/Master Chief?
I don't think they meant gay in a literal sense....Big Grin
That guy doesn't look like a real person...
Now that I have wet myself from laughter I can now give a mature and proper assessment of this gentlemans' mental state: Oh hell with it. Who am I kidding. There is no way I can be mature in this situation.

I bet he wacks while wearing that suit.
I wonder if the room in his parents basement is green too?
Do his Star Trek and Battlestar Gallactica buddies feel betrayed?
I bet the Combic Book Guy from the Simpson's is his hero.
Where are the obligatory nipples and belly button on that suit?

I know I am not funy. But now I know the reason why I chose the mental health field as a profession. Thank you Mr. Dork Man.
\"Conversation, like certain portions of the anatomy, always runs more smoothly when lubricated. \"
nah, I didnt mean Homosexual... lol

I just meant its GAY... yeah?

who the hell would pay out for that suit... honestly.. gay gay gay gay gay.

can you imagine ur mum coming in to tidy ur room and they find you sitting there.. online, headset on, full Halo dress playing with yourself (ahem)... GAY

:rofl: :evil2: :rollin: :th: :ohyou: :rofl:

Legend Edgemaster of the Unicorn. oh and nine thousand fake forum tokens, 3 real ones and 5 special tokens mysteriously protected by a blinding white aura.. 

""Bombing for peace is like ****ing for virginity"

"NO OFFENCE" R.I.P @PS3 :evil:
Quote:Originally posted by jumbo
That guy doesn't look like a real person...

Yeah, the bottom picture looks almost like it's computer generated.
Come and have a go if you think your hard enough!!!!!

My god that is sad


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