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Twin Snakes f'ing ROCKS
Beat it twice this weekend, and it was amazing and wonderful both times. The only real qualm I had was the controls, but luckily the Z button is perfectly placed for FPF and you can get used to the overall configuration by the time you fight Ocelot.

Beautiful game, great gameplay (there isn't a single thing in MGS2 that you can't do in MGSTS), AWESOME cutscenes, though some will find them too over the top.

Twin Snakes is my new favorite MGS title, and thus my new favorite game of all time. It absolutely fucking rocks. I recommend picking up a copy without delay, assuming you have a Cube.
I want to play it but I dont want to get a gamecube.I really want to play it though.The PS1 graphics just dont do it for me.I bet it looks 100 times better than the PS version.
Yep i have to agree with Ryan, i'm up to Sniper Wolf and the game has been nothing but addictive even though i played the original 1 for PSX.

I especially loved the dog tag feature they added to MGS Twin Snakes, like in MGS2 i collected all the dog tags, i will do the same for Twin Snakes.

Personally the overall control is not that good, and the Z button actually messes me up because sometimes i'm not holding it tight enough so Snake goes out from First Person Mode.
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Dmitry, if the Z button is too stiff for you (which I can imagine), then just go into Options and turn it to Toggle. This way, all you have to do is click it once and you'll stay in FP mode until you click it again.
My brother traded in his 'Cube awhile ago so I'll probably never get to try this version. MGS is my fav-all time game and I can no longer count how many times I've beaten it. Is there a lot more important storyline and stuff added to the cut-scenes or is it just added insignificant stuff to pretty things ups?
The story isn't fundamentally changed in any way. You're not going to get suprised by some new twist. However, a lot of the dialogue is changed, and in many places it really helps the mood that Kojima was trying to achieve. In other places, it doesn't work quite so well.

Overall, the game feels fresh. I played pretty much nothing but MGS for PSX during February, save a few hours spent on Chrono Cross, and even played it the night before I bought Twin Snakes. TS still managed to be fresh and "like new" in many ways.

If you loved the original, you'll probably love Twin Snakes.
Its not bad, it doesn't ave the same feel that the original had imo, but all in all its not bad.
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I'm just going to download the PC version. Character models aren't the same as the GC version, but the backgrounds look awesome in hi-res. I don't like how voice actors have been changed for certain characters, and how some characters don't have their respective accents.

I won't be buying the game, that's for sure. I'll just borrow Dmitry's copy if I ever feel the need to play it. Or, I'll just play the original on ePSXe or the PC version.
Most of the new acting is alright, and in many cases pretty good. Valenza does a great Sniper Wolf, for instance.

However, having Jennifer Hale do Naomi was just boneheaded, and whoever played Mei Ling needs to be shot simply so we never have to hear her voice again.

Other than that, the acting is still up there.
Ahh, changed VAs, that wouldn't sound right to me. I'll probably never get a chance to play this so I was just hoping I wasn't missing too much..

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