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Thoughts on Mafia?
So I think I might be renting this game tomorrow....but I wanted to see if anyone here has played it...and what they thought about it.

The commercial for it really makes me want to play it, because Gangsters rule, and so do tommy guns....

I guess the PC had problems with the cars handling, like they handled too much like cars did back then.....(no power steering in those cars!)

Was this fixed?
I don't know Voice...the PS2 version is pretty damned ugly. I wouldn't want it to give you the wrong impression because its truly an amazing experience. I suppose if that's your only possible way to try it, then by all means. As far as the car handling goes, I've no idea. Might I suggest a reading a review from Gamespot or IGN?
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Yeah I'm gonna do that..

I'm gonna rent it though because I have to play it....and If I really like it, I'll buy it for the X-Box....if the graphics are better....
The graphics are ugly on both versions.But the missions are fun and the story is great.The loading takes pretty long though.But Id rent it before you buy it.
I can\'t read.
After reading some reviews...I'm gonna just wait to play it until I buy my super PC in a few months......
Capital idea. :tu:
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World of Warcraft has stolen my brain. Sad
PS2 version is ugly and the loading times are sooooooo long and annoying!
but some of the missions are pretty good
sometimes though missions involve too much driving with slow ass cars!
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I just want to wear a pinstripe suit, and mow down some gangsters with a tommy gun while smokin' a that too much to ask?

Big Grin

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