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So what console surprised you most this generation?
For me it was the Xbox. At first, I hated it. And now its right up there with the ps2 IMO. If not ahead of it at the moment.
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PS2, but it wasnt really a surprise.
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Same as PlayStationFan, if you would have told me 2 years ago my favorite system of this generation was Xbox, I woulda gave ya a boot to the throat.
Xbox. I laughed at my friends when they all bought them, but now I probably play more Halo on their Xboxes than I do any of the games I own on the PS2.
Xbox has come a long way.

I'm suprised Gamecube was such a flop(from my view and from the company standpoint). But im sure arnold didnt think twice about that Tongue
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The GC has surprised me. I thought it would have been the number 2 console leaving the X Box behind but it really isn't doing too well at the moment.
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I didn't really care for X-Box at first. But when it started getting awesome games like Knights of the Old Republic and then my brother purchased one, it started to pique my interest. I'm still thinking about maybe getting one as a B-day gift coming up soon.

As for the Gamecube, deep down inside I knew it was going to flop like the N64 because it doesn't have enough good games coming out at a constant rate like the PS2.
PS2. I thought I'd like it much more than I actually do.
Xbox. Didn't think I'd like it this much.
Ive stuck with ps2, done a little GC, and probably wont ever know about Xbox, but will take your word for it...

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