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Hey Individualist, Egotists, Nintendo has a console for you!
Quote:Tribal GBA SP for Europe
Nintendo announces that its next limited edition GBA SP, with a tribal tattoo pattern, will launch in Europe in June. First images inside.

Nintendo has today announced it will release a limited edition "Tribal" Game Boy Advance SP console in Europe on June 18. The console will be available for a limited time only, and is expected to retail for the same price as other GBA SP models.

"We feel we have created a product in the Tribal Edition that reflects the sentiments of today's youth--rebellion, attractiveness and spirituality," said Tim Freystedt, European marketing manager for Game Boy Advance at Nintendo. "The new console allows gamers to express these emotions in a fun and interactive way, enabling them to communicate their individuality."

"The tattoo pattern on the console looks pretty cool," added Mister Cartoon, tattoo artist for celebrities such as 50 Cent, Eminem, Justin Timberlake, and Beyonce. "Tattoos are huge at the moment--everyone wants one. I think the console is great and will be a huge success with the more individual gamer."

No North American release for the "Tribal" GBA SP has been confirmed at this time, but we'll bring you more information as soon as it becomes available.

It gave me quite a chuckle. :lol:

First off, they're selling one representation of the tatoo (so all individualist can represent their individuality with ONE design?).

And the whole part about expressing emotions because the console is tatooed like popular pop-stars is phenomenal.

We may have bad opinions about Nintendo's marketing tactics and game production, but in terms of PR, they're the best. A+ to you Nintendo PR. :rox:
If I took the time to make a stencil I make a simple design like that on my SP myself..I was expecting something exotic and cool looking (from the name 'tribal')..
how trendy and stupid.

the first person I see with one of these in their hands...gets JACKED.:lol:
what a lame-ass concept:rollin:

Soon they'll be making interchangeable covers like with mobile phones.
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sadly.... your probably right on the covers thing.
If they make one with all those flashy blue lights in it...I am so buying one.....

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