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Which console has the lineup your most interested in this year?
For me its the Xbox. FPS galore, I like em alot!!!
<b>I have nothing to show!!!</b>
PS2. GT4, MGS3, thats enough for me.Tongue
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I would also say XBox, assuming the games ever actually surface...
PC: Shadow of War
PS4: Uncharted 3 | Monster Hunter World | Game of Thrones
Switch: Breath of the Wild | Dragon Quest Builders | Mario + Rabbids
XB1: ReCore | Sea of Thieves | Rise of the Tomb Raider
Quote:Originally posted by Macho Man
I would also say XBox, assuming the games ever actually surface...

Very True!!!
<b>I have nothing to show!!!</b>
Quote:I would also say XBox, assuming the games ever actually surface...

Also agree.
PS2. Mainly because it's the only one I ownBig Grin
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ps2, and buying em cheap on, that is a combo that cant be beat...
The Cube.Cool Big Grin

Got some excellent action/RPG's , FPA's, Sports (mario tennis) and adventure games coming out.
*piano starts* It seems today, that all you see, is violents in videogames and mainstream. But where are those good ol\' quality titles, in which we used to rely? Lucky there\'s a Nintendo. Lucky there\'s a company, who\'s not all about the money, who cares about quality and makes sure their consumers are happy! It\'s a Nin-ten-dooooooooooo!!!
I would say PS2. Excellent line-up. I love FPS's though, just I like other kinds more. Plus I will have Killzone Smile
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Quote:Originally posted by nice shirt
PS2. GT4, MGS3, thats enough for me.Tongue


Quote:Originally posted by farfus
ps2, and buying em cheap on, that is a combo that cant be beat...

Agreed also, but I have rarely done it. I tend to stick with my cheap EA games Big Grin .
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