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socom talk
I just bought a sony headset with mic, how do I talk to other players on socom? thanks
Well, they've been having some issues with the headsets, so if you're pressing (I think it's circle) and nobody can hear you, then it's probably the same problem they've been having with the game. Sony suggested opening some ports, (you can find them in the game manual) but that didn't work for me.
thanks, I can hear others talking but they dont seem to hear me. Is there any way to test the connection? I tried to go to help but it wouldn't let me.
I never had any problems with my headset at all....usually if your holdin down circle and nobody else can hear you, but you can hear them you have mute on!!! The light should be blue, not red, alot lf ppl think it's supposed to be red but it isn't. there are no ports that need to be open as far as I PS2 is connected using a Linksys 4 port router... none of my ports are open and I had it day 1.

If you hold down circle and hear the bleep noise and in the lower right hand corner your name should show uo...if it does it's connected properly and your mute is 100% on...if you can't hear anything make sure the volume is all the way up on the dongle cord.... Try those and see if anything works.

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Follow this checklist and you'll be fine:

1) Make sure everything is plugged in correctly.

2) Make sure the mute button is BLUE, not RED, if you have a mute botton on your mic.

3) Make sure you are HOLDING circle, not tapping it.

4) If none of the above are holding you back, you most likely have a router, and you will need to forward some ports. I can help you with it if you want (my AOL Instant Messenger name is CowboyFan135 if you want my help)... however, the following site should be enough for you to figure it out on your own.

P.S. If you are accessing the connection from a dorm room or college, you might not be able to fix anything.
i wanna play SCOCM FTB online with you guys!!! grrr. imma go buy it right now.. lol.

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