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Favorite Playstation game of all time?
my top:
chrono cross

ps1 has amazing games!
This is a no-brainer for me. Demon's Souls will probably always be my favourite all time game. Up until DS I was looking into what RPG's would people recommend and I was hearing a lot of Fallout 3 , ES Oblivion, Eternal Sonata and Valkyria Chronicles. I was new to the genre so I was buying up everything anyone recommended. Demon's Souls though hadn't come out in Europe yet. In the US it was published by Atlus, a long time later Bandai Namco would distribute in Europe but I didn't know that at the time so ordered my copy online and it was a big deal. I hadn't really gelled with a lot of the games people had told me I should check out, not immediately anyway, some I went back to after Demon's Souls and in a lot of ways, thanks to Demon's Souls.

So my copy arrived in a couple of weeks , didn't know much about the game, just that it was hard. But I was oblivious to RPG mechanics on my first time booting the game up, I created my character and loaded into Boletaria. I must have died fifty times just in the first area before getting any where near the first mini boss . I put the game down for a week out of frustration but jumped back in with a renewed, determined mindset and got to the first boss, beat him and felt like a complete champ. And that was it, it was right then that everything just clicked. Of course I kept dying but I kept soldiering on, eventually beating the game about four or five times. It thought me how to be a better gamer and the reason I'm still gaming, even if I haven't played it in years.
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