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Console wars. Your favorite? Let's time travel...
As kids, Dmitry and I always had different systems. I had an SNES, he had a Genesis. I had a PlayStation, he had an N64 (until much later getting a PSX). I specifically remember getting a ton of enjoyment out of both the Genesis and SNES, but loving my SNES much more.

Zelda: LTTP, Super Mario RPG, and Super Metroid sealed it for me. Killer Instinct and Mortal Kombat 3 were kick ass too. Street Fighter 2 Turbo owned our soul, but the Genny did get the better SF eventually. Turtles In Time was hotness. =)
There is no doubt in my mind that the NES vs. Sega Master System war was the best. No one had both, you had one or the other and you defended it like a member of your family.

Now THAT is how you do a console war!
not consoles I know but the Amiga Vs Atari ST was a good one when I was a kid, battles that included "the F-keys look better on mine" lol good times
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There is no such thing as console wars anymore. It seems like everyone just buys all of the consoles today.

Arnold, those were the days....i even remember when we would trade my Genesis for your SNES for like a week or two. It sure was fun.

And i won't argue i protected the Genesis and N64 like they were the greatest. SNES i will admit was better, though Genesis definitely had its days. But as far as N64 and PS1's hard to pick a winner. N64 had its + and PS1 had its +.

I remember playing the original 007 Golden Eye multiplayer on N64 like there was no tomorrow. The multiplayer aspect of the N64 was amazing. And the PS1 had the best RPG's!
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N64 had better multiplayer, but overall content was a billion times better on the PlayStation. Games came out once every 3 months for the N64, it was pathetic.
Ah, the Playstation vs N64 battle that was the cause of so many 6th grade lunch room battles. The Playstation had more great games, but the N64 had Goldeneye, which at the time was THE game. No one I knew had both systems, that would be cheating, and besides, what sort of spoiled ******* had that kind of money in middle school? No, dammit, you had to choose a side and then defend it to the death. Good times.
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I hated (hated!) SEGA back in the Genesis days, even though I secretly wanted one.
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I had an NES, but somewhat got it late.

I bought an SNES first, then a Genesis eventually. I greatly preferred SNES.

I bought a PlayStation first, then N64, then Saturn. I greatly preferred PlayStation.
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I don't really recall the console wars. I came in at the Mastersystem 2 stage.

The Amiga and Commodore battle was something I remember.
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you don't remember it that well, Commodore made the Amiga it can't battle it self:lol: and you didn't come in at the master system 2 stage, that had been and gone, Mega Drive and SNES had been king for about 2 years:lol: your mind is going mate:lol:
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