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Console wars. Your favorite? Let's time travel...
This may be a bit in depth, but here is my take on the console wars. I think the years of the PS2 were the most significant ones...

- NES is a classic, I still love it, and wished mine still worked (some say it was the best and I guess in a way I wouldn't argue with them).

- The SNES and Genesis battled pretty hard and in that generation. Both were fantastic consoles but it split gamers completely. You either were a big SEGA fan or a Nintendo fan.

- The PS1 and the N64 were both highly successful but in the end I think Sony's machine was just a bit stronger, along with its library of games.

- The Generation that brought the Gamecube, XBox, Dreamcast, and PS2 could be looked at as the most significant from an industry standpoint. It was a fork in the road so to speak. It brought a new player to the game (Microsoft) and put another one out of the game (SEGA). Nintendo hung around there with the GameCube I feel mainly due to its name. The PS2 brought DVD's into people's homes. It helped to kill the VHS format. For many it was their first DVD player. The XBox came in to the picture strong putting up a good fight. I feel its lack of DVD support hurt this console. Today developers are still developing games for the PS2 and Sony is still selling systems. I don't recall any of the other systems with that kind of shelf life. I think there is a reason for it, Sony just did a great job all around with that system. They nailed it. Marketing the system, game catalog, DVD, backwards compatible with PS1 all just worked for them.

- The current generation still has to be played out. Though Nintendo went in a different direction and it paid off greatly for them. The Wii is a great system and turned out to be highly successful. After the Gamecube they took a slightly different road and found themselves a new niche in gaming. Relying more on innovation, and interactive game play than graphics and power. It seems to be working. I feel the XBox 360 took a big blow when the HD DVD format fell apart. Sony gambled with Blu-Ray and it payed off.


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