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Okay, RPG fans...your top 5 RPGs ever!
Constraining myself to consoles alone...
1) Chrono Trigger
3) Suikoden 2
4) FFT
5) KoToR

Including PC:
1) Chrono Trigger
2) Baldur's Gate 2
4) Suikoden 2
5) WoW
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vagrant story.. now theres an RPG!

anyone tried Folksoul on the JP PSN yet?

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Final Fantasy Tactics
Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy XII.
Final Fantasy VII.
Chrono Cross.
Final Fantasy IV
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy VI
9/2/2010 - Leaving PSXE. The site imo has become a breeding ground for fanboys and extemists. I can get my PS3 news anywhere, and PSXE does not breed a community that is exactly welcoming.

Some of you shall be missed though! I think you few know who you are Smile
A few of you are actually on my PSN list at that! Cool
All great games, Zap. Hey Ben, im still digging Shadowhearts Covenant, and am almost ready to hit the boss as hard as i can. Ive been doing most of the side quest, and was wondering if you ever managed to get Yuri's final weapon. You have to do the ring deal ten times over at roger bacons house. Its tough, i tried non stop for about an hr the other day, came close a few times. If you have a hint id love it! Anyways, i agree this is definitely one of the best ps2 rpg's. Although ive really only played 8 or so on the ps2 this one is really good, any system for that matter. Im trying to do the fight with Yuri to get that big skill, the fight over in the cemetary area, but cant quite win, im sure with a better sword it will be over, and then i can finally rip a big one on that boss. Thanks for any help and the suggestion of this game. I had had it still sealed for four years :p....... Woot! just beat the game! This game is definitely way up there are far as recommendations, if your itching for a really good RPG try it out, it wont disappoint!
Ben D. Wrote:So, what are they? It's hard for me to pick, but I'll give it a shot (btw, I'm not counting Final Fantasy Tactics as an RPG, even though it's technically a "strategy/RPG"):

1. Final Fantasy VII
2. Suikoden
3. Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete
4. Final Fantasy X
5. Star Ocean: The 2nd Story

Now, for the record, I will say I loved almost all the FFs and Suikodens. So I could easily put games like FF IV, FF VI, FF VIII, FF IX, FF XII, Suikoden II, III, V, etc. on the list. Oh, and for some other honorables: Wild Arms, Legend of Legaia, Dragon Quest VIII, Vagrant Story, Secret of Mana, and Shadow Hearts: Covenant.

And one final thing- Alundra isn't really an RPG, but it is one of my favorite games. Smile

Star Ocean the second story was a great game, man I have some nice memories playing that game although I never finished it cause it was so long, I do want to get it now though so I can play it again. I also love Final Fantasy 9 for some reason. A lot of people praise FF7 as the greatest, to me 9 was! The Resident Evil director's cut would probably rank up there as well for one of my favorites
Kicking ass and taking names as we speak in Dark Cloud 2. Its been a fun game, they definitely took a lot of time and inspiration in this game. A lot of different gameplay elements, then the georama, which was originated in the first game. Been fun, i just hit chapter 6.......
my top 5:
final fantasy vii
xuan yuan sword 3, xuan yuan sword 3 spin off: scar of the sky
legend of sword and fairies
天地劫之神魔至尊傳 (dunno how to say it in english)
天地劫寰神結(again dunno how to say it in eglish)
Look out it's a list full of western RPGs.

1. Oblivion
2. Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
3. Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
4. Final Fantasy Tactics: war of the lions
5. KoToR
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I really could not get into Oblivion. I've tried several times but it doesn't click for me. That makes me a little concerned about Fallout 3, especially as Fallout 2 would make my top 5, but I try and remain optimistic.
PC: Shadow of War
PS4: Uncharted 3 | Monster Hunter World | Game of Thrones
Switch: Breath of the Wild | Dragon Quest Builders | Mario + Rabbids
XB1: ReCore | Sea of Thieves | Rise of the Tomb Raider

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