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Okay, RPG fans...your top 5 RPGs ever!
I think we're both a little concerned for fallout 3 for completely different reasons. I want it to be a lot like oblivion (even though there is no way in hell it could work well) and you want it to be like the classic fallouts (which i never played).
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dillonthebunny Wrote:anyone tried Folksoul on the JP PSN yet?
Folksoul is called Folklore here in the US. There were two American demoes released on PSN and the full game came out in November. The demoes were interesting if not fun, but I didn't buy the whole game. It's on my list of "when it hits the bargain bin" games.
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I'm not part of the rabid crowd insisting Fallout has to be isometric or turn-based to be a worthy successor (I don't think there's anything wrong with that style but it really isn't commercially viable). Most of Fallout's strengths are in its freedom to explore, the depth of the world and the multitude of endings reflecting every choice you made along the way, all of which Bethesda are keeping onboard.

It won't have Oblivion's auto-levelling (which I didn't like), it will have a variation on Fallout's advancement system (which is very welcome), and the only real sticking point I'm uncertain about is unkillable NPCs (which bugged me in Oblivion but isn't a deal-breaker).

In theory there's no reason I won't enjoy it. My only concern is that there is no reason I shouldn't enjoy Oblivion, but I didn't. Hopefully whatever vague element I didn't click with in Oblivion won't be present and all will be good.
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I'm a big fan of certain unkillable NPC's I would be really pissed if a whole chunk of game disappeared because a stray shot killed some random dude.

Should I try to get a hold of any of the other fallouts? I hear they are great. But I've never seen anyone actually play it. I like all kinds of games so you tell me: Do the old Fallouts withstand the test of time? Could I still enjoy them today?
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Well with main quest NPCs I can see the sense in it, but for every single NPC involved in any quest it becomes a bit much. I wandered around with Brother Martin and the two identical twins for ages doing side quests because they were unkillable and able to provide distractions and a bit of damage. It seemed silly not to.

My brother had a more sensible critcism about it. He spent ages planning an assassination of what he thought was a random NPC in a random house, loading it in and retrying several times until he got a proper kill, only to have him fall unconscious instead. Obviously when he awoke he summoned guards, and we never even discovered what quest he was part of.

In Fallout you could kill pretty much anybody. Quest NPCs, party members, little kids. If memory serves the main quest of both games is structured in such a way that you can't murder your way into failure (aside from one notable exception).

As for playing the old Fallout games, if you're comfortable playing turn-based, isometric RPGs like Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale or Planescape Torment there's no reason you shouldn't enjoy Fallout. They would probably come across as quite dated these days because the genre as a whole has really fallen out of favour, so it's really a case of how comfortable you are playing obviously old games.
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I have no idea what an isometric RPG is and have never played any of those games. But I would like to give fallout a try. Which one should I try to score? I doubt I'll ever find the time to play both (or even finish one but what the hell).
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Well isometric is just used as a catch-all phrase for the camera angle the game is played at, essentially hovering up in the sky at an angle (see a screenshot here). Naturally, Wikipedia has a list of such games.

As for which game, I'd say either is good. Fallout is the classic but Fallout 2 expands on a lot of it while taking some liberties with the story (like the idea that the post-apocalyptic wasteland could have a porn industry) but it's all good. I played Fallout 2 first and there was no issue following the story or anything.
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SHADOW Wrote:I think we're both a little concerned for fallout 3 for completely different reasons. I want it to be a lot like oblivion (even though there is no way in hell it could work well) and you want it to be like the classic fallouts (which i never played).

You're a fan of western RPGs and you've never played fallout??? That's insanity dude.

I don't know how I can make a top 5, I always have such a hard time with these lists.

In no particular order because I simply cannot choose:

Baldur's Gate (haven't played the second one yet, working on it)
Parasite Eve
Legend of Dragoon
Lunar 2: Eternal Blue (mostly for Nostalgia's sake)

I'm not even sure if Parasite Eve counts as an RPG, but to me it's the best thing squaresoft ever did. I'm probably missing something.

Oh, and I'm personally in the don't **** up fallout crowd. If it's too PC (as in politically correct), or it's too much like Oblivion, or if they even try to turn it into some kind of FPS, god help me I will kill them. I personally didn't like oblivion. I only played for about an hour but the first person perspective didn't really agree with me. I think I'd have a better time with it on a controller. In any case, I'm about 60% sure the guys at Bethesda are gonna **** it up. I don't know if they have the talent or ability to replicate fallout. I don't need it to be isometric, but I don't want it to be Bethesda's "safe" vision of fallout.

I think what made Fallout so great to me was not the storyline, it was the dialog, the world around you, the things you saw and experienced and the humor of the game. It was incredibly enjoyable. It just made me happy to be playing a game that was great at all the little things and had something to tie it all together, albeit the story isn't incredibly deep or anything. "It's not about the destination, it's about the journey" That sums up my fallout experience pretty much, and those were two games no person with a PC should ever pass up on. Also, seeing as how the company is defunct I see no harm in getting it by "alternative means".
The fact that the gameplay and story aren't what defines Fallout is what leaves me cautiously optimistic, because the fact that it will be first-person and have realtime combat has no bearing on the depth and character of the world it's set in. Bethesda do seem to be Fallout fans who love having such a great IP to work with.

It's still a mixed bag though. Killing kids is out (as far as I know it was never in the Euro versions) and so is sex, but Ron Perlman is back to narrate and Dogmeat's in it. Of course, until it ships there's no telling how much has been sanitised or simplified for mainstream console appeal, but it is the only proper Fallout being made now. Cautious optimism is all I've got.
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The fact that sex and child killing is out pretty much are the first telltale signings of saying "This game is going to be as safe as possible so as to not alert the media!"

I've heard stuff about not being able to kill everyone you want, including main NPCs, but the flexibility of fallout dictates that you don't need anyone but yourself to actually beat the game.

I also am cautiously optimistic. And maybe if it wasn't fallout I'd actually be a bit more optimistic. I'd say that after the trailers and the details now that there is a 90% chance that this game is not fallout, but that a bunch of idiots who can't make games are going to turn it into Oblivion Future.

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