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Okay, RPG fans...your top 5 RPGs ever!
Well the sex and child killing just wouldn't fly on a console (the latter didn't make it into the EU version on the original PC games). You can't kill children in HD and walk away with anything but an AO rating, which means nobody will sell your game.

Ideally with the PC version Bethesda will release the mod tools at some point and the mod community will turn it into as much of a proper Fallout as they can. The level of improvements they made to Oblivion is pretty impressive.
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Hence why I'm going the PC route as soon as I can afford to build one. Which at this rate is never.

And the AO rating is BS, seriously, it's ridiculous. AO is porn, anything that does not cross that line shouldn't be AO. God of War wasn't AO and it had sex in it. Stupid ESRB. It doesn't need these things to be good, I've personally never killed a kid in fallout, I'm just saying that the more we hear about it, the more we realize it's less and less like Fallout ever was.
AO essentially ends up as censorship because the console manufacturers (one of the plus points of a PC) won't allow it and the big stores won't stock it (while not doing the same for movies). But if AO is for more than just porn and includes violence that crosses that magical 17+ to 18+ barrier then it shouldn't be in that situation and the rating system could do with a re-tuning. The gamers who are 18+ is actually a pretty big chunk of the market throwing their disposable income at games and it could do with shaking off these last vestiges of the attitude that it's a kiddy hobby.

I watched the Fallout 3 GameTrailers video from E3 and something that I thought was interesting was when the developer mentioned that you can still go for a 'speech' build rather than shooting or combat. If memory serves you can essentially copmplete the first two games almost entirely non-violently, but I thought that was something they weren't considering for this one. Certainly, the developer walkthrough had the character seemingly randomly attacked while wandering D.C. which would seem to suggest violence is the way through it.
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Well, I remember this amusing thread I found on NMA that linked me to another place. It was a thread of quotes about all the promises of Bethesda Devs that never made it through to Oblivion. Things as important as their 'radiant AI' and all this other stuff. That thread has basically scarred me for life, because I don't trust them to tell us what the final product will be.

I always wanted to go through the first two with just words but I can't think of a time I was able to do it. You probably can though, that doesn't surprise me. Or at the very least barely ever use force.

I believe the ESRB is literally 3 people, who are submitted a video of the game for them to rate. They don't play it, I'm not so sure they're even game enthusiasts, just 3 people who can make or break a game with their stupid AO rating. If you want to get rid of silly ratings, you'd have to get rid of the ESRB. That would make me happy for sure. Movies and videogames should be rated the same. That is, if there's tits and violence fine, so long as there's no pornographic ****ing going on I fail to see what is adult about it.

I'm sick of Americans thinking getting someone's head blown off is ok, but if there's a cooter everyone goes off the handle. It's ridiculous.
I never even attempted a non-violent approach (the violence was so fun!) but I know there are people who revel in the choice. I just thought I remembered them specifically saying it won't be an option, making me wonder what form it will take if they're included some part of that.

In defence of the ESRB, playing each and every game until 100% of it has been experienced is not really feasible and for most cases wouldn't affect the rating. Randomly choosing three people from a larger pool who then have to reach a consensus, based on the developer's footage and a questionnaire, seems like a fairly solid and practical system.

It's how the population at large reacts to sex and violence and their perception of the hobby that helps throw the whole thing off balance.
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On Bethesda: Calling them idiots is way out of line. I'm sorry you don't like their games but you can't honestly believe that they're bad at what they do.

On the classic Fallouts: I never played them because I was 6 and 7 when they came out. Besides i never really got into RPGs until last 2 or 3 years. Hence why my list has so many recent games.

On the ESRB: You can't blame them. The ESRB runs on a very fine line. If they give a game a rating that enough senators find "inappropriate" the US goverment is likely to get involved with game ratings. That's what we don't want. Government run ratings are wrong on all levels of free speech. Trust me we would much rather have the ESA ran ESRB rating games then the US government. Just look at Australia. Even without the child killing and sex that you seem to find so essential the game is banned. Not got the AO rating and can't be sold at Wal-Mart but BANNED. Game ratings won't be fair until a true paradigm shift within the public occurs. And that's going to take a long time.
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Government-enforced ratings can't get around the First Amendment though. As you said, it violates the concept of free speech and always ends up unconstitutional. The closest so far is the NY law, that pretty much just takes the systems already in place (parental controls, ratings) and makes them mandatory, which already exists for DVDs in the state. Even that crosses in to "compelled speech" territory.

At some point the discrepancy between what games can show and what movies can show is going to go away, even with the whole 'interactive games are like doing it for real!' hysteria, but we're not quite there yet.
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chrono cross
legend of dragoon

(my ff7 and 9 are with perfect saves, which gave me maaany hours of hard work Smile )
SHADOW Wrote:On Bethesda: Calling them idiots is way out of line. I'm sorry you don't like their games but you can't honestly believe that they're bad at what they do.

Yes, I do. I think they're awful at what they do. To each their own, but personally, I think they suck. And yeah, I think Todd Howard is a giant tool who will say anything to anyone to sell his games, even if it's a bold-faced lie. Appealing to the lowest common denominator (oblivion) is not admirable, it's the reason games are sucking more and more on average IMO. Again, I respect your opinion and I'm glad you enjoy their games, but they're pretty much the yin to my yang or vice versa.
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