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What are you playing on?
This is the TV my roommate and I roll on:

[Image: RT07002.jpg]
Oh that's hot. 1080p?
Arnold K. (Admin) Wrote:Oh that's hot. 1080p?

Yes indeed good sir. 62" Toshiba running 1080p.

Gears of War looks so sexy on this thing, and I cannot wait to play Ninja Gaiden Sigma on it.
You shame me Ryan. My PS3 and your TV should get it on.

My PS3 is in my bedroom on a 20" Sony flatscreen SD.
My 360 is in my spare room on a 14" Sony portable SD.

Sad, I know. I hope to get better tv at some point but I'll then be torn between having it downstairs for tv or upstairs for gaming.
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[Image: britpsxesmall.jpg]

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For me I'm still running my JVC AV-32330 32" Colour Television with MTS Stereo lol. It does the job and with my component cable I have running it looks crisp. I'll get pics later on today of my set-ups cause my room is a mess lol.

[Image: AV-32330.jpg]

My back-up just incase this TV dies (It's coming on 5years now) is my main DVD/TV system with the Hitachi 50CX29B (Not HD, shit, it was free LOL) I'm looking for a 1080p TV before Mass Effect comes out so I can drool. Big Grin With this older style of Projection TV hooking up the 360 would kill it.

[Image: 16652.JPG]
[Image: catdafelix.png] [Image: catdafelix.png]
My pics suck which makes Pirates and the Planet Earth Blu Ray froggy look shitty,but whatever...

Everything looks amazing in person,awesome tv.

My 42 inch KDF-E42A10 Grand WEGAâ„¢ 3LCD Rear Projection HDTV....
[Image: pict0049lm5.jpg]
[Image: pict0045xy0.jpg]
[Image: pict0050na1.jpg]

What I have it on is temporary.I'll be buying the stand below in a month or two,so I can remove the wii and put in a proper place *hd cable box gets too hot to place it on top*,fix all the wires, and also place my 360 in the stand.

[Image: SURG11S.png]
[Image: matrixadw.png]
[Image: matrixadw.png]
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There we go, man you guys have some sweet TV's damn!

My Xbox 360 system with full 5.1 system:

[Image: DSCN1144.jpg]

[Image: DSCN1145.jpg]

Laptop to access Psxetreme and those damn FFXi info I need like each 5min.... :boo: The yellow walls were not my idea......

My main TV for watch movies, and my back-up just incase my 32inch JVC fails lol :lol:

[Image: DSCN1152.jpg]

lol at the Family Guy episode. It was that or Playboy tv :uhoh:
[Image: catdafelix.png] [Image: catdafelix.png]
Mine isn't anything special. Just good enough for my office - my face is literally 3 feet away from it. An old pic when I just got Motorstorm:

20'' Westington 1080i HDTV LCD:
[Image: 68hlml0.jpg]

I love it. Great picture. The sound is terrible, but I bought a 5 channel, there's a subwoofer behind the TV, two speakers and two more you can't see. =)
I have a 720p 37 inch Sharp Aquos. I like it, but I'm not a ps3 owner, so what do I know...
[Image: MrSunburnMan.png]

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