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Dead franchises reborn
Stolen from Ryans forum Big Grin

Which of the old game franchises that have pretty much died would you resurrect with a tasty sequel if you could?

I'd chose any of these:
Desert Strike
Crazy Ivan
Space Crusade
Zone of Enders
Deus Ex
Knights of the Sky
Monkey Island
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Not sure if I'd qualify KOTOR as being dead... If it skips a generation, we can call it dead ok?

I vote for...
Sonic. You know it. The franchise is dead. Sad
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Twisted Metal
Jet Moto
Duke Nukem
A 2D Castlevania for consoles
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Jet Moto would be one helluva next gen game if they can do it right!

Jet Motorstorm lol Big Grin
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Duke Nukem. Had forgotten about that (not sure how). Duke Nukem 3D - for PC - was easily my favorite game of all time.
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An updated version of my favorite Panasonic 3DO game, made by 3DO...... "Icebreaker"

For those who never got the chance to play it.....

The Wikipedia page about Icebreaker

YouTube's video page for Icebreaker....
Sonic?? Hasn't he been tortured enough already???

I'd like to see the following:
Jet Set Radio
Captain Skyhawk (i think that was the name of the NES game)
Taskmaker (one of the BEST RPGs I've ever played. Came out for the mac way way back)
Myst (is that dead? I haven't PC gamed for years. But it would be nice to have some intriguing game with no/little violence and a lot of story and graphics again... and on a console this time)
Brute Force
CyberDawgs (awesome old game)
Captain Comic (wife's recommendation -- never heard of it)
Double Dragon
Battletoads (its about time for a game to make me swear and cuss and bash my controllers against the wall again)
Perfect Dark (PDZ sucked monkey balls. they need to give it another go.)
Well I think Deus Ex is getting another sequel. Otherwise, the usual suspects. Legend of Dragoon would be nice, but it seems that it'll never happen.

A real Parasite Eve game not on the PSP would be great.

Pretty obscure reference, but another Shogo game would be awesome.
I can only think of a few, 3 of which were already mentioned:
Jet Moto (seriously, I miss this game)
Jet Set/Grind Radio (omg yes)
Sonic (A good one this time)

Yeah I guess that's all I could really ever want in remakes. Although I would love to see a remake of the Strike series (Desert, Nuclear, Jungle, Urban) that stays true to the old games feel.

If I had my NES/Genesis games accessabl (currently they're 160 miles away at my mom's place) I'd potentially have a larger list.
Haha, this thread starts back from 2007.

Well what I would like to see is an remake or continue of some old Square titles.

Xenogears - I think the team behind this title is not longer with Square anymore, but I can only dream, at least put the original up as PS1 classic.

Chrono Cross - Similar battle system as Xenogears atcually, one the best RPG experience and it is the last game I played on the old PS1.

But those are the games I would like to see again or more of the same.
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