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Dead franchises reborn
@blinkboy-congrats you brought it back to life Big Grin

but i'd like to see some real good turn-based rpg's. and idk if this really counts cause it's not a game but well i think it'd be fun to have a new classic nintendo game but without such an emphasis on motion control. and yeah twilight princess is one but well imo it's the only one.
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I would absolutely love to see a Zone of Enders on my PS3!!!!!!!
i'm very disappointed to not see road rash listed
accord 4 me Wrote:i'm very disappointed to not see road rash listed

that would be because road rash wasn't that good a game...
classic playstation games would have to be mortal kombat II, jet moto, crash bandicoot, spyro, twisted metal, and syphon filter
Joe III Wrote:that would be because road rash wasn't that good a game...

it was one of the better games of the genesis/snes generation. what are you talking about :confused:
Alright this is fun,

--Double Dragon
--Kid Chameleon
--Master Blaster
--The Matrix ( a real game, I would settle for Lego matrix)
--where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?
-- Alf
-- Alex Kid

The list could go on and on, these are just off the top of my head.
Awesome Road Rash! forgot about that one.

Yes, please bring back the turned based RPG...
Double Dragon
Steel Harbinger(lol)
and mostly DARKSTALKERS man i need a new one already. that is a game i would devote alot of time to.
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