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The best downloadable game is being released on the VC today
it's called super metroid and you have to get it. Smile
[Image: MrSunburnMan.png]
I might. What else is released today? I don't feel like going downstairs and checking for a while.
shinobi 3.

but super metroid is the best game on the VC. get it.
[Image: MrSunburnMan.png]
How much they charging for it? But i might download it. Super Metroid was and still is the best Metroid game.
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"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler"
- Albert Einstein

800 points, which is roughly $7.

I'm playing this with a wavebird, and i don't quite feel it. The buttons are too oddly placed for this title. You've won nintendo. I'm going to buy a classic controller.
[Image: MrSunburnMan.png]
I think it's actually $8, not a big change, but you buy 1000 per $10 and the 2000 point card in stores is $20.
it's stupid i agree, but it's not like you won't be able to spend that on something else later.
[Image: MrSunburnMan.png]
I wasn't saying the left over points were stupid, I was just saying that it was $8 instead of $7 because you buy $10 increments of 1000 points. Although I feel like I have wasted points on Live, having 20 points left over I'll never use. Minor correction, not really important, but my post count relies on my responses, and we all know with higher post counts come prizes, fame, and money. Also, but not guaranteed: women.
the best VC game is Sin and Punishment for N64.... but its too pricey

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