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Do you still play the Wii
It occured to me that everyone I know who's bought a Wii has stopped playing it now that the newness has worn off. Has the same thing happened to the gamers on here?
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I haven't unpacked mine in 3 weeks. I rarely play though because I don't have a job at the moment so I can't get any new games, leaving me with Paper Mario and Mario Party. But I went to Maine for a week before moving to VT so it was in a box in my car the entire time pretty much, and now that I've moved into a place, I still havent upacked it.

Doesn't help that my electricity was cut off yesterday because the last tenant is an idiot...
Nope. I bring it out at partys, and when games come out for it.
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Oughta ask GD how much he is playing his, he was so totally pumped when he first posted, his was the original Wii post. Another big tossing of funds into air, Nintendo's trademark, GC was the biggest waste of space in history....
I would agree if it didn't feature last gen's best game. Wink
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It's still awesome for parties and gets a lot of use that way, but the great games are few and far between, just like with the GC. It's still an absolute blast to play when I do play it, and probably my favorite system of this current generation so far.

Mr. SunburnMan Wrote:I would agree if it didn't feature last gen's best game. Wink

:confused: But God of War 2 was a PS2 game.
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The sad thing is as little as I use my Wii, my stoner roommates play it all the time. And because playing 2 player Mario Party sucks, I'm almost thinking about buying 2 more remotes for it. They likely won't see much further use than MP.
Cowboy22 Wrote::confused: But God of War 2 was a PS2 game.

You misspelled Metroid Prime.:boo:
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Mr. SunburnMan Wrote:You misspelled Metroid Prime.:boo:

We are talking about God of War 2.

As far as the Wii it got old and these days it serves as a wheelchock to keep customers cars from rolling when getting an amp. or speaker box installed.

By Monday or Tuesday some customer re-seller is going to come by for it as its been traded for 220 dollars and it will be shipped to some poor dad to give to a kid in Argentina to play Wii-Play.............geez I feel for that poor kid but business is business.
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Yeah it wont be 6 months before Wii's will be selling for $99 used at Gamestop i expect. I remember how cheap the GC got, that was what i used while i waited on a new ps2 to arrive...

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