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Yakuza3 screens…. Not 56 friendly.
Some of you may know I love my martial arts games.

And while I never wanted to play any of the Yakuza games, this one I will certainly import if there is no sign of a UK/USA release!!

Called Ryuga Gotoku 3 in Japan, Yakuza 3 as previewed here.. is looking awesome. How I want a new Bushido Blade or Kengo or even ‘way of’ samurai game for the PS3, I think this will quench my thirst rather well.

[Image: 66469.jpg]

[Image: 66471.jpg]

[Image: 66467.jpg]

[Image: 66465.jpg]

[Image: 66468.jpg]

And check out this vid… imo this looks like it could be a very cool title.

I don’t know if the other Yakuza games are free roam, but that would be cool if this was.

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Interesting. Not usually my sort of game but I think it looks good.
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