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How well do the Wii and the DS play together?
I almost put this in the "anyone still playing the wii" thread, but it's a little off that path...

Anyhow, what's the reality between the supposed connectivity of the DS and the Wii? Is it substantial enough to warrant extra consideration when contemplating a DS purchase?

I'd probably be more likely to buy a DS and a soon-to-be-reduced-price Wii than I would be to buy a PS3 to keep my PSP company.

I don't think I've ever read anyone here talking about the Wii/DS connectivity.
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I haven't really seen any DS/Wii connectivity aside from the Pokemon games.. Other than that I'm almost certain there may be none so far.
Not at all that I'm aware of.
I doubt you'll have awesome features like remote play, though, even though it would be appreciated for VC titles (hear me nintendo).
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The PSP & PS3 can do a lot more together than the DS & Wii. What exactly can you do with the Wii & DS besides transfering Pokemon characters?
This thread is awfully old for you to resurrect it just to troll on behalf of your favourite consoles.
LOL I have to agree Smile
Now it plays nicer. I can get terrible DS demos off of my wii! Unbelievable!
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I haven't really seen any DS/Wii connectivity aside from the Pokemon games..
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lol, 2 years!

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