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Tattoos and piercings
Been stretching again. Ears are a loose 5/8". 3/4" silicone fit, but they have some give. Didnt really plan on going past 1/2" but after seeing how 3/4" looks on me, Im diggin it. Searching out some used plugs now so i have more than 1 pair to wear. I go back and forth on my final size.

Was originally pierced at 4 gauge in summer of 2007. So basically been stretching for 5 1/2 years on and off, even going without jewelry for a few months at a time. In that time frame i went from 5mm to 19mm (~3/4").

Any new comers with piercings and/or tattoos? Any updates?
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I used to have five piercings on my ears. Took three of them out some years ago and was just left with a pair of 10 gauges in my lobes. I had to take them out for surgery and they've since closed up so I need to go back and get them re-pierced. I've one tattoo on the back and have planned to get the rest of my spine and shoulders done but have put it off until I'm in top shape. My goal is to have my back done before 2013 is over.
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"Working out everyday, slapping the double chins. They're so purdy." :rofl:
I have a tattoo of a cross on my back.

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