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Yu-gi-oh help
I bought this Yu-gi-oh game forbiden memories and i cant get enough stay chips to get the cards i want cuz most everything i want is like 999999 but there are others that i want that are only like 300-1200. I was wondering if there is a cheat to get a whole bunch of star chips that you can put in multiple times or any easy way to get star chips. plz hlp!
if u have somethin bad to say bout me, this is wat i have to say to you! :mlm11:
forbidden memories...for the PS1? I bought like 8 copies of that game for the cards it came with back in the day... lemme see if I remember. Here's a code list for almost all the cards in the game...

But all you need for almost any yugioh game is an exodia deck, unless you're playing against real people.

oof this was posted in march

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