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How do i sign in a second controller
Alls i wanna do is play Kane and Lynch and army of two and i keep getting a message to sign in a second cotroller and i cant figure out how to do it
There's a small button on the front of the controller. If your holding the controller tip it up and it's next to the "LB" button. It has a symbol like this:


If not, it might be the Xbox button lol. I only have one controller at my house.
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I'm pretty sure you are right cAt. Holding this button will allocate the controller to the next available slot.
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If you're doing 2 player and it needs the second controller signed into an Xbox account, you would press the center button on the controller to open up the guide for that controller and log in an account. If you've never synced the controller to your system you would do what Cat says above, press the center button to turn on the controller, then the button up by the port on the top of the controller, then press the button on the xbox next to the second memory card slot, and it should sync it, then you can try to sign on the second players account using that controller.
Figured I'd add a picture to make is easier to follow:

[Image: wirelesscontrollercallodm0.jpg]

If you need to sync a second controller to your Xbox (cAtDaFeLiX's suggestion) press the connect button on top of the controller, and the same button on the front of your 360 (below/beside the memory card slots). If you need to sign in to a second profile before you can play Kane & Lynch (Norrec's suggestion) press the Xbox Guide button. But you may need to create the profile first if you don't already have one.
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Thanks for all the help.. but im still stuck...i feel dumb but i synced my controllers i have 2 profiles but i can only activate 1 profile at a time when i hit the X button on cotroller 2 i get a message to turn off controller, or system. And the x button only alows me to log off i cant load both do i need to have the profiles on different memory cards. am i missing something else
DuHHHH i was holding in the xbox button i just need to tap it to log in...finally anyway thanks again i never had such a problem with a friggin system before
I'm glad you sorted it out. I was just typing a message including that advice which is clearly no longer needed. I'll post it anyway because I worked ever so hard at it...

Quote:I don't use memory cards but it should just be the same as with a hard drive, and I've had no trouble getting co-op games started for Kane & Lynch or Army of Two. Make sure you only press the Xbox Guide button rather than hold it down, because pressing brings up the log-in screen and holding brings up the shut down screen.

This is how I would do it, step by step (with the controllers already synced):
  1. Start up Kane & Lynch.
  2. If the controllers aren't turned on, turn them both on now by holding the Xbox Guide button or the Start button
  3. Once both controllers are on press (don't hold) the Xbox Guide button on the first controller and select your profile. Once it is logged in press the Xbox Guide button again to close that screen.
  4. Press (don't hold) the Xbox Guide button on the second controller and select the second profile. Once it is logged in press the Xbox Guide button again to close that screen.
  5. For Kane & Lynch, use the first controller to start a new game, changing the mode to co-op. It will ask you to press the Start button on the second controller to confirm which player will be Lynch. Select your level and you're all set.
  6. I think Army of Two is even simpler, with a separate option on the menu for co-op play. Just have both players signed in, start a new game and enjoy.
You might not need step 3 if you have auto sign-in enabled, but generally that should be the whole process. I normally make sure both profiles are logged in before I start the game up but it shouldn't make any difference.
I found them both to be fun co-op games, so I hope you enjoy them.
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