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What are the best 3DO Games?

Just bought a 3DO anyone got a list of favourites?


PS The above site is an excellent retro gaming Wiki!!!!
I actually enjoyed my time with the 3DO. Here are some of my favorite games from that platform:

Road Rash: It's too bad that this IP couldn't be further improved upon after this release (which later saw ports to the PSX, Saturn, and PC). I'll admit that I had (and still have) a soft spot for the soundtrack, which was perfect for the time. More recognizable bands like Soundgarden and Monster Magnet were complemented by acts like Swervedriver, Paw, Therapy?, and Hammerbox. The gameplay was fast, but held fast to the series' original ideas... and the FMV sequences were pretty hilarious.

Super Street Fighter II Turbo: Until pretty recently, the 3DO version of this title stood as the best port available-- despite the frustrating controller.

Others (without details):

Slam 'N Jam
John Madden Football

I'm running a little short on time today, but I will say that the 3DO gave me some pretty memorable gaming experiences.
I've got 52 3DOgames, butout of all, my favorites are "Icebreakers, Gunslinger, Gex, Pa-Tank Pinball, Incredible Machine, & the Shockwave series.....

Alone In The Dark
Ballz The Directors Cut
Battle Chess
Brain Dead 13
(2 discs)
Burning Soldier
Corpse Killer
Drug Wars
FIFA International Soccer
Foes Of Ali
(3 discs)
Hell-A Cyberpunk Thriller
Iron Angel Of The Apocalypse
The Return
The Last Bounty Hunter
Mega Race
Microcosm Out Of This World
The First 3-D Pinball Thrill Ride
Pebble Beach Golf Links
Perfect General
Plumbers Don't Wear Ties
Psychic Detective
Return Fire
Rise Of The Robots
Robinson's Requiem
Shockwave 2 Beyond The Gate (disc1 operations guide, disc2 briefing)
Shockwave Operation Jumpgate
Star Wars
Rebel Assault
Stellar 7 Draxons Revenge
Supreme Warrior (2discs)
Super Wing Commander
The Incredible Machine
Total Eclipse
VR Stalker
Wicked 18
Way Of The Warrior
Waialae Country Club

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