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PS3 DVD Drive Failure
So I just received a PS3 as a gift, actually from my parents who won the unit is a Charity Raffle.

Well the only problem is---PS3 Games, PS2 Games, Audio CD's---doesn't matter the system won't recognize any media.

I haven't called into Sony, but I did write them an E-Mail today with the standard if you have your receipt your in luck....well as you can guess I don't have the receipt.

Has anyone seen this problem with new systems? Am I doing something wrong?

I updated the firmware first thing---is there anyway to set back to factory defaults (including firmware) and try everything again from scratch.

Appreciate any help you guys can provide. I'm going to call tonight and tell Sony my sob story---hoping to get a replacement, but if its going to cost me $150 I figure I should try everything possible before sending it in.

Thanks again! :mad:
Yep thatd suck alright.....
lol, like it!

Anyway, as for your problem.. Do you own many consoles? Because its not the fact that you regarded the PS3 as a "unit" but the fact that you emailed sony!

Dear god man! Phone them! They will have a new 'unit' with you in days.

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I don't know for certain but I would check in the system settings for a factory default option. If that works try a game before you do anything else.
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i had the same problem mate, put any disc in and nothing shows up, i paniked abit as ive got a 60gb and didnt want 2 loose it, if u got to settings then restore ps3 settings all will be ok:rox:

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