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What's your latest Xbox 360 game?
Well I downloaded Braid yesterday and had lots of fun with it. The time travel mechanic is well implemented and makes for some great puzzles, with only a few that completely stumped me and forced me to find a solution, and I love the way it makes something significant out of the classic "the princess is in another castle" line. The final level was excellent, and all in all I was left very pleased with the game.

Today I started Grand Theft Auto IV and, while I like Niko's story, the dialogue and the fancy engine they have now, it's doing lots to remind me why I haven't touched the series since GTAIII. I criticised Stranglehold yesterday for bad checkpointing, but GTAIV has the same problem as well as making you drive to the mission every time first. It's horrible "Do It Again, Stupid" gameplay, forcing you to jump through the same hoops over and over again just to get to the bit you actually want to do.

As somebody who finds driving very dull (and is consequently very bad at it) some parts are just plain painful. It's annoying because the good bits of the game are very good indeed, but I don't like having to suffer through all the crap to experience them. I've certainly played through worse though and at the moment it hasn't annoyed me enough to stop me playing, so I'll persevere.
Whoa, dudes, my bad. I must have thought this was the general topic or something, I don't even own a 360.
Heh, yep, this is the 360 thread, with the only other one (the original) being for the PSP. We would have one for the PS3 too but there wouldn't be much discussion there because, as everybody knows, there aren't any games for it.*

*Kidding! Kidding! Sorry!
Haha actually I think I own something like 5 PS3 games at the moment, so I'd never ever be in there.
I'm kind of stretching the purpose of this thread, adapting its "What's the most recent game you bought?" into "What's the most recent game you played?" because of my gaming backlog.

At the moment that's GTAIV, still thoroughly annoying me with its horrendous checkpointing, as well as too many forced chase missions. The game's sandbox nature should give you multiple ways to approach things, but as far I can tell if it wants you to have to do a car chase you're damned well doing a car chase, no matter how well you prepare to stop it (up to and including shooting the driver point blank through the windscreen)...

Outside of the core mission structure it's a really entertaining game. Hopefully I won't have to wait a whole other generation before they deal with its flaws though.
I've been getting Arcadey or XBLA games lately. Perfect for summer.

I'm mostly playing Braid and Bionic Commando these days, with a dash of Burnout Paradise.
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I've pretty much decided to head to Game this weekend to pick up a second hand copy of Mass Effect. Just watched the Gametrailer review and made my mind up. Will probably trade Motorstorm and Resistance against it. However, as I can get it for £20 from HMV brand new, I'm not going to trade against a £17.99 preowned version. I will not be buying Bioshock as I have just preordered the PS3 version for October.


If they don't have an acceptablyt priced ME available I'll see about Halo 3 though I don't care for online so hope the single player can hold my interest.

First thing is first. Need to check my dusty old 360 still boots up..
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Mass Effect's main story missions were unbelievable. One of the best science fiction stories in gaming around, and the soundtrack was unbelievable as well if you're into that sort of thing.

However, go into it with the mind that most sidequests are pure ASS. I wouldn't waste my time on those unless I had to, at least not on your first playback. Just a suggestion from someone who's finished the game already. Smile
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Agreed. The story is great, the fictional universe they've crafted is great and the combat's acceptable, but the sidequests and the endless Mako driving can suck all the fun out of the game if you let yourself get bogged down in them.

As for Halo 3, I was fairly happy with it as a full-price purchase and have never played it online. I also thought it wrapped up the story fairly well, but there are people who don't.
Well I've just about given up on GTA after yet another crappy chase mission, one that decided to throw in a scripted obstacle as a nice surprise, forcing me to turn round and find an alternate route and causing me to fail the mission. Naturally, this left me with less ammo, needing to find another car, drive back to the first stage of the mission on the other island, then drive to the bit that initiates the chase and do it all over again.

I might go back to it in a while but right now the last couple of sessions have just left me annoyed by the chases and the checkpoints (ie. the core gameplay). I don't see me buying another GTA this generation unless reviews specifically mention it resolves those issues, which were barely acceptable on the PS2. More likely is that I'll ignore it this gen, GTA5 will arrive next gen, the big gaming press will masturbate into their word processors and call it a review, then I'll be disappointed by the actual game all over again.

Meh, don't mind me, I'm just annoyed and venting...

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