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Why Digital Media downloading is bound to fail? Maybe...
Gabriel013 Wrote:So what we are really saying here is that it's just the UK infrastructure that is rubbish... It most certainly is.

I could upgrade to a 20gb line (still with major throttling after a gig or so) but that would cost me an organ per month.

Well the download wasn't complete, but it was far enough that by the time i was done watching, it was complete. Which is what counts really.
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I have always been concerned with the thought of Digital Distribution. It's just ridiculous for them to expect gamers to have to use their allocated downloads per month to download the games and addons and then on top of that use up all their hard drive space. When each game is at least 6gb big that gives you roughly 20 games (give or take a few) that you can have in your library. I personally have over 30 games for each of my consoles, so the idea of Digital Distribution is out of the question for me and most console gamers. I absolutely loathed Microsoft when they stopped releasing B/C updates for the X360, because it left me with a library of Xbox games that I need to repurchase and use HD space if I want to play them on the X360. I also like the idea of having a hard copy of my manual and the protection of cases for my discs.
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