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Havent been to a concert in a long time...
Luan Wrote:The last concert i went to was blink-182 back in 2002...
Now me and my girlfriend are going to Wembley Arena on the 10th of November (I think) to see Simple Minds...we loooovvveee the 80's ^^

Dude, I was gonna invite you to my birthday party, but obviously you have better things to do.

Quote:Glad the concert was cool Shirt.

I love this sentence because it sounds like some ADD riddled run-on sentence but I know it's not, lol.

I was gonna go to a concert a few days ago until my friend told me it was a ****ing hour away. His mom's boyfriend has no arms and he plays guitar, woulda been really awesome to see. I did meet him, nice guy, don't have any idea what the name of the band is.
It does sound like I got distracted part way through :lol:

ooo, Shiny thing!
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I actually just went to All Points West Festival atJersey State park with Radiohead headlining. It was a kick ass concert, Kings of Leon Were ****ing awesome though! They truly know how to put on a good live show. And The Roots as always blew me away, if you've never seen them their live shows are one of a kind for a hip hop act!
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Going to Jackson Browne in late October, rock on!!! Never seen him...
Went to see Santana last week, kick azz as always, ive seen him 3-4 times dating back to the mid seventies. Jackson Browne was on Stephen Colbert today, he is sueing McCain for using some of his lyrics without getting permission. Got the chance to hear him talk and even sing a song at the end of the show, which whets my appetite for next months concert...
Going to see Buckethead in Cleveland next tuesday. Should be an interesting show.

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