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Game for Kids?
Just wondering, is there a ps2 game that a 5-6 year old kid might like/enjoy?

I have my bro with that age, and he keeps playing my games. I really don't mind that actually, some of them he can actually play, but I just don't want him to play games with so much violence and blood and stuff.

So I figured I'd get him a game for his own.

Thanks for anyone that can help.
hmm, what style does he seem to favour?

Platformers have got ratchet and clank or Jak and Daxter.
Any racing game.

Does he have an interest in sports?
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"everyone knows second hand squirrel kills." - Svosen
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Nah, he isn't very interested in sports much, he kinda likes them at the beginning but get bored of them after a short while.
The most games that he favors, are adventurous games but I doubt there are some that he might know how to play.

He has a game called Turok, he enjoyed it a lot, but gave up after a while coz I always had to help him with it.
The fact that English isn't our main language, doesn't help at all. It isn't until next year till they start teaching him English in school.

Games in Arabic (If any actually exists) basically sucks. I wouldn't even get MGS if it was in Arabic.

EDIT: He also has the Ratatouille game, he finished it (with a bit of help of course). But he was able to understand most of the things that he had to do, coz they almost always showed what buttons he had to press.
Check this one out, although you may have as much fun as he does, lol.....
Good tip Farfus. Any of the Lego games should go down well.
\"...and he shall ascend from the fires of Hell...\"
"everyone knows second hand squirrel kills." - Svosen
[Image: britpsxesmall.jpg]

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This seems promising, I'll buy it for him next week. Big Grin

farfus Wrote:although you may have as much fun as he does, lol.....

Yeah I probably will. Tongue
To tell you the truth, Dan, ive been playing Dark Cloud 2 for a long time now, and its a wonderful game, for all ages. No blood, its a great title, not sure what the rating is, but i couldnt recommend a game higher, its easily one of the most well conceived games ive ever seen in my 20 plus years of gaming! Check it out, also, guaranteed your brother wouldnt have time for much else, ive had a ton of fun with it...
I does seem promising, I dunno though if he'll be able to play it coz it seems too good for not playing it myself.:rofl::db:

Anyway, I'll get this one if I found it in the store, if not I'll get the lego game.

And thx for the help guys. Smile
Btw I couldn't find Dark Cloud 2 in the stores where I searched so I got him the Lego game. He is rather enjoying it very well since he has been progressing in it on his own. Cool thing, and from what I noticed, is that it contains no talking at all (It is good because he doesn't understand English yet), help is always in writing, so they show him what button(s) to press.

Thanks again for help. Big Grin
When your brother is done with that, you may wanna check into the Lego Starwars game, also, i expect it would offer a lot of the same fun and ideas. Im trying to finish up Dark Cloud 2, its been a loooong ride, for sure! Its very findable, can always try ebay if nowhere else...

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