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Anyone playing Bad Company?
After i pay some bills and purchase my Soul Calibur 4, then Bad Company should be my next purchase. I rented it ( did not want to return it )and found it to be very enjoyable for a game that only has one online game mode, but its a extremely well done mode. I can't wait to see the others. Seems more teamwork oriented than CoD4, but thats cool. I love both games
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yeh, its certainly different from all the other online shooters. Cod for me is the best of the best out there, when i was playing RFOM, that had the best community hands down, but as i drifted Cod was the best. it offered the best in gameplay, modes and graphics.

but what it didnt offer was what Bad Company has, to feel like youre in a team.. yes you get team kills, some do it on purpose, but 99.9% of games ive played it happens rarely because people treat BF:BC like a team work game.

Im happy that BF and COD are different, because i would hate to have to choose between them.

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BC has better team play eh? Interesting.
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