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I meant the first time around. You know, in the first 8-9 months. :p
That doctor was content giving me shots and medication. Turns out i was wrongfully diagnosed.
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My foot never stopped hurting...x-ray and an MRI later...Im back in the boot for 4 weeks w/ crutches.
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Well that sucks. Hope you get better soon.
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Doc visit today...still not healed. At least 2 more weeks off. I get re-evaluated and probably have to schedule an MRI so most likely ill be off for 3 weeks...

Imm going nuts.........
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Learn to cook, that's what I did when the NHL lockout happened.
Im already a pretty good cook. Maybe ill learn to knit...
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lol u guys are so ridiculous. but yeah i remember having a 2 month bedrest for a hip surgery and then 2 months with crutches, it sucked a lot. But yeah I just ended up having lots of friends come over and just play some video games. I also just went on the internet and read some comics, they filled time really quick surprisingly. And if all else fails there is always the good ol' book. Suggest invisible man btw, damn good book. Feel better man, and i hope if you get things settled with your job cause when my dad was recovering for a bit it just suck to not make money.
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