Your E3 editorial piece
I really liked this article because you could really tell Ben was very excited about all of it. It really shows in your writing.

Just wondering though, do you have an editor? I saw a few mistakes here and there that looked... well... sloppy. I feel bad for saying it, and I'm sure you have a deadline, just thought I'd put it out there.
Im sure things do slip by and mistakes are made, but sloppy?

Personally i dont see that.

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I am the editor. I often post something and then re-read it to see how it looks live, and if there are problems, I go back and fix them. You may have read it before I had a chance to do that.

But I'll just say that we're all human, and my history as an entertainment journalist speaks for itself. Smile
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I wouldn't have mentioned it, and like I said, I'm sure you're very busy. Especially this week, I just thought I'd mentioned it because there were a lot of mistakes for a writing piece. Thought I'd just give you a heads up. Next time I'll just e-mail you instead, lol.

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