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Your retro phase
Cant recall it, man, but its been a long time back. I used to buy merchandise direct from Nintendo Power, that is where i got this shirt. They had, and probably still have, some great stuff. Ah the Nintendo days, the NES and SNES were such awesome machines! Id read magazines for hours wanting as much info as i could find about certain games. I recall owning almost every gaming magazine available because of all the rocking Nintendo games. I got into the Sega world a bit later, it kicked major butt too!
I'm near the nintendo world store since I live close to NYC. Last time i went there i wanted to buy like 5 t-shirts, 6 action figures, and a samus plush doll thing. But yeah first console was the SNES and played that thing so much. Then ps1, psp, and now ps3. I still haven't personally touched or even seen a sega console. Sad.
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For me the retro phase started with the older Texas Instruments computer, Atari 2600, Intellevision, & Colecovision days & unfortunely for me I sold those consoles long ago. The games I can still remember having much fun playing were, Donkey Kong, Burgertime, & Dungeons & Dragons

But since then I smartened up and kept all these systems I've bought since(I've also listed my personal favorite games for each too).

Atari Jaguar/including 64 bit CD attachment (Favorite games: Wolfenstein 3D, Battle Morf, Hover Strike, Raymond, Super Burnout, & Tempest)

Panasonic 3DO (Icebreaker, Pa-Tank 3D Pinball, The Incredible Machine, Last Bounty Hunter, & PTO.)

Sega Genisis (Vector-man 1 & 2, Primal Rage, Pac-Man, the 3 Urban-Jungle-& Desert Strike series.)

Nintendo 64 (Wetrix, Bomberman64, Quake, Turok, & Panzer Dragoon).

Sega Saturn (Bust-A-Move, Sonic 3D, Golden Axe, & Hi-Octane).

Sega Dreamcast (Seaman, Who wants to beat up a millionare?, Crazy Taxi 1 & 2, Mr. Bones, Silent Scope, & Enemy Zero).

PlayStation 1 (G-Police 1 & 2, Ace Combat's 1-2-& 3, Eggs Of Steel, Ape Escape, Army Men(all), Metal Gear Solid, Colony Wars 1-2-& 3, & Wing Commander 3 & 4).

X-Box (Hitman, Ghost Recon(all), Splinter Cell(all), Heroes of the Pacific, Gran Turismo 1 & 2, & Max Paine 1 & 2).

Playstation 2 (Ace Combat 4-5-& Zero, Gran Turismo 3 & 4, Socom(all), & Syphon Filter's remastered Dark Mirror, & Omega Strain).
I have a continuous ongoing retro phase, I'm intermittently playing Super Mario 2 at the moment, Doing a not so far back retro to Grandia II, and well around every xmas time I get busy with Zelda: Ocarina of Time. It interrupts my next gen gaming a lot, but I can't stop myself sometimes.
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It's not retro per se, but any retro fan should check Retro Game Challenge. I'm playing it right now on the DS, and this game is a parody of your childhood. It's a game about playing games, and about reading videogame magazines in the 80s.

So awesome.
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The 3 games I really need to go back and finish are:
PS1: G Police & G Police "Weaons of Justice"
PS2: Ace Combat Zero
Panasonic 3DO: Icebreaker(there's an insane 600 levels to this game)
I'm unearthing all these gems on the PC so I basically zipped through Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines. And the whole while I'm sitting there thinking, this is why I love gaming so much. They never make games like this anymore. The most striking thing to me was the voice acting, it was fantastic. Definitely not used to that.

It's a bit linear I think, sure you can do the missions in any order you want up until you do the main mission, but the actual missions and ways of doing them aren't necessarily as intricate as the first two fallout games or anything like that.

What really gets me every time with a lot of the older games are the atmosphere they can create. It takes place in the Southern California area, (Santa Monica, Chinatown, LA), and they've managed to basically make every city a total slum, a shithole if you will. And walking around it feels like a genuine one at that, full of corruption and danger. Of course you're this Vampire and the whole Vampire culture they've built along with the atmosphere of the various areas and buildings is just great.

It's also a bit racier than most games you'd see nowadays. It seems like once the media started paying attention to our hobby games like these aren't allowed anymore. It's a damn shame. Solid story, fantastic atmosphere, voice acting and music are good, gameplay is fun and doesn't feel too repetitive. It has all these elements of a great game that, for my money, you just don't see anymore. Bums me out and wows me at the same time.
I always go back to my retro games. I got Bubble Bobble on my PS2, PS3 and PC just incase one of them buggers up. I have it on my Commodore 64 too, with Rainbow Islands.

Namco Museum : Virtual Arcade is out on Friday and I will be getting that for the 360 (it's not on PS3) be good to play some of the older games once again Smile
I've not played Vampire, but it's one I intend to try out at some point. RPS were positive about it quite recently, and also pointed out that it's not something that people are making today.
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Well I got it by alternate means, if you do get it make sure you get the community patch. I heard horror stories about the glitchiness of the game but it ran with very few problems.

I'd say the closest thing to retro gaming I've touched in a long time when it came to the golden age of WRPG is The Witcher. I think there's still a big old school (late 90's type) WRPG movement in eastern europe, hence the Witcher which was made by a polish developer.

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