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Saying as the Off Topic Forum by far has the most activity, wouldn't it be a good idea to have that forum at the top? I would bet the average passer-by would be more likely to post. Most people probably don't think to scroll down to the bottom to look for any decent activity.

that would work. Good idea.
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Could the gaming forums be a little more streamlined? We're talking maybe a dozen active gaming topics a week spread across eight forums, in addition to three forums for online discussion that are barely used.

If Xbox Live merged with Xbox & 360, PSN with... PS3? and Wii Connect with Nintendo Consoles that's three less forums to have to scroll down to see Off Topic, even before it's moved. If I was being particularly brutal I'd consider rolling Retro Gaming into Gaming Discussion and maybe merging some of the Sony consoles together too, especially seeing as the activity in PSP is mostly one thread.
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Ya I agree 100% with Macho.
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Decided to have a look at forum activity, figured I'd post it here because it's kind of relevant. In the last month we had:
  • Gaming - 26 active topics
  • PS3 - 28
  • PSP - 4 (1 spam bot thread)
  • PS2 - 2
  • Xbox - 3
  • Wii - 1 (a spam bot)
  • Old School - 4
  • Help Line - 0
  • PSN - 6
  • Live - 0
  • Wii Connect - 0
  • Off Topic - 17
Based on that the only worthwhile forums are actually Gaming, PS3 and Off Topic. Looking at how it would shape up with the (extreme) changes I proposed a month ago:
  • Gaming - 30
  • Playstation Consoles - 42 (1 spam thread)
  • Xbox Consoles - 3
  • Nintendo Consoles - 1 (a spam bot)
  • Help Line - 0
  • Off Topic - 17
It would actually have made the forum look reasonably healthy. Even just doing away with the Online Community section (folding them into the PS3, Xbox and Nintendo sections) would help. PSN, Live and Wii Connect are almost entirely worthless, though removing them still wouldn't put Off Topic immediately on-screen on a 1280x1024 display.

The other solution of course is to get more people posting, but that's a little trickier. Short of a news post begging people to join I don't see what will encourage site visitors to cross over into the forum proper.

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