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Parasite Eve: The Third Birthday
Hmm. VG24/7 is reporting that IGN's reporting that the Japanese Famitsu is reporting that Third Birthday is reportedly (sorry, I'll stop) a third-person shooter:
Quote:...project director Hajime Tabata described the game as a “true third-person shooter” – straying far from the path that Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus awkwardly stumbled down.

Also, as you’d expect of a firearm-centric game, wireless multiplayer is “being considered”
Just what Parasite Eve fans have been waiting for...
Oh **** that shit. That's all we need. ANOTHER goddamn third person shooter. Square Enix barely has a handle on the RPG as far as I'm concerned, god help us all if they try to branch out into something completely different.

Christ, this pretty much guarantees it won't have an interesting story and will not be cool. Unless it is a third person shooter in the way that PE II was a TPS.

I won't go near this thing with a ten foot pole if it's a TPS.

Oh, and, despite the fact that I'm not a fan of videogame writers because they're all a bunch of liars (no offense... to some of you out there), I love that the article on IGN mentioned the whole kill bill thing. I guess I'm not the only person in the world who picked up on that. So despite your attempts to not mention what my original topic statement was about, in your face guys. :p
I didn't comment on it because I hadn't seen the trailer and wasn't sure how common a trope it was. Going with the whole "every young girl dreams of her wedding day" idea, having a female character's wedding end up a tragedy would seem to be a fairly obvious way to kick-start her motivation to find out why or exact her revenge.

Which doesn't mean that Square Enix weren't just copying Kill Bill, of course.
Copying it or not, reading gamespot's description of the trailer it was quite shocking. There were so many similarities from the first scene of the movie. That's why I put up the article after all, lol.
can some one explain the ending for P.E. 1 i never could beat the last boss and what system is P.E 2 for

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