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That is not very long at all, did they not develop their own engine or did they have something in place? It just doesn't seem like that would be enough time to make an amazing game unless they had all their pre-production wrapped up to a tee before even pitching the thing, like some guy's dream idea that he's finally getting to put into practice or something.
After watching the video from the not so enthused (Wink) people at Kotaku I can see why they aren't. It does like pretty silly honestly, it doesn't look like a finished game and unless he was hiding something it looks fairly unimpressive. There should be a lot more melee than there is, it seems like kind of a hassle to do the whole aiming thing all the time, and it didn't seem very powerful when he did do it. The things you should be able to do with the lightning should be really diverse to keep it fresh, and aiming your lightning at a guy and zapping them should really only be a small part of your arsenal IMO.

Also, and this is all just from the small things that I have seen, doesn't it seem weird to you that this guy has no secret identity? No superhero suit? No mask? He just looks like a boring bald guy with a backpack, and that is pretty discouraging. Maybe you do get something cooler later on, I'm honestly not really sure, he just does not look like a superhero to me. He's just a dude who can shoot lightning, and that's boring.

It looks very, very, rushed from early indications. Not glitchy, just not in depth, not complete. Like Assassins Creed with an aiming reticle set in a more modern time. I hope I am very, very wrong, and I don't have enough info about the game to say much more than that, but for a 2008 game it had better be hiding a lot of cards under its sleeves or it risks becoming another disappointment in a line of PS3 exclusive disappointments that is way too long already.

Edit: And the website you linked that is loving it, they used the word skillz, in an actual professional document. Seriously?
Bah, my spellchecker apparently didn't pick up 'enfused' in the middle of the URL code.

It's a 2009 game now anyway (spring next year), but there should be a lot of variation in the lightning. Sucker Punch have said that they're using it as a replacement for an arsenal of guns so there will be different types of attacks (including lightning 'grenades' you can throw) and a certain degree of environment manipulation.

The character does look quite generic. He could be Mass Effect's Shepard, Crackdown's agent or the Force Unleashed's Apprentice, or any of the other characters we've had lately who sport the same look. It's what people like these days, I guess. With InFamous he is supposed to be a regular guy who ends up with these powers as the city falls apart, so in that respect he doesn't really need a secret identity or fancy outfit.
I guess to me it's part of a superhero's identity, it defines them, that suit they usually don. It's just a little worrying because I know they want this to be a comic book superhero type thing from the art. It's very evident. And obviously it's this guy's origin story, but the suit is always like that big step in a superhero's story. I just really hope they give him one.

Most superheros tend to be fairly regular dudes. I mean Clark Kent is from another planet, sure, but he's a farmer. Peter Parker is a college student/photographer. Protecting one's identity is important because otherwise friends and family get hurt, and no one wants to be a celebrity superhero, otherwise they wouldn't be able to do their jobs.

I'm glad it got moved back, I got confused because some trailers said 2009 and some said 2008. It looks like it has a loooot of potential and that's something everyone is always happy to see I'm sure.

The bald generic dude look though, it's not working for me, lol. The only bald generic guy who gets a pass from me is Agent 47, he's been around for so long. Maybe videogame devs really like monks or something? I have no idea, it just doesn't give the guy any personality whatsoever and a superhero has got to have a strong persona. If you ask me, it'd be way more badass to have guys like the punisher instead of a clark kent type 'everyman'. Wink
I think the guys appearance fits in with the story. I like the idea that they've taken this approach as it stands out from the traditional superhero idea.

If I had super powers and was evil minded I would want people to see who I was while I electrocuted them.
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I don't really get what you're saying. How does the guy's appearance fit with the story? It's as vanilla as he is? If the guy has any friends or family left, or if he plans to have any, he needs a disguise, otherwise someone is going to get hurt. And if despite all that no one gets hurt, that is pretty much a gigantic plot hole and a huge leap of logic.

I guess if you were evil, but still, a lot of evil villains still need the disguise at the end of the day, or else just as many people will be chasing them. If anything, the story seems incredibly cliche, and for all we know he does eventually get a costume before he is widely known.

I think anyone could find a trillion reasons why someone should not just go out in public and be a superhero without a costume, minus people knowing who you are and gaining that publicity, I can't find too many good reasons that wouldn't breach the logic of most stories. Videogame developers aren't novelists, I would just have a hard time seeing how they could pull it off.

Either way, I guess this argument just feels silly to me because we know little to nothing about the story or the character or antyhing like that, and once the game comes out we'll see what journalists out there think about teh story and whether or not it'll be picked apart. Assuming that... the guy never gets a costume, lol.
I agree that how he looks now suits to the setting of the story. The city is post - apocalyptic so he doesn't need some shiny new armor or bright red cape. His appearance is normal in some sense and I think the developers hit it right with this concept thus the title "Infamous". Plus its a style that is easier to see yourself shooting lightning with. Im sure noone likes to picture themselves with underwear on the wrong side.

Maybe later on he'll realize his calling and take up that Decoder ring and be part of the "League".

I agree on how unimpressive his powers have been shown off. This power has so much potential and imagination can only be the limit. I think a Force Lightning or Storm looks much better than what they are showing.

Finally, I think the devs can get a few ideas from a great lil show called Static Shock >.>
Just watched a gameplay vid from NYCC the games looks like a lot of fun(Like Gears) but it seems to be lacking in depth(Like Uncharted). the guys powers and animation are not as great but thats what sequels are for and i bet their not showing all his powers yet. If this title any other can grow in the direction of uncharted & uncharted2 games are not going to just fun anymore but engaging and emmersive.
I am going to get this.
That game doesn't interest me at all.
It looks okay, but i think arnorld isn't that impressed after he went to an Sony event. he said uncharted 2 looks good, and it should do, because i loved the first title. I seem to have a thing for third person games. shooters more so. mgs4, pop, etc etc.
InFamous can be okay, but i'm not that fussed, we've got GT5 to come out, KZ2, Uncharted 2, COD:MW2 and i still haven't even started on fallout or played LBP much. so i'll be busy. oh, and there's SFIV. and some people want HAWX.

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