Trouble with becoming a Registered user of PSXextreme
Hey guys. I have been having trouble for a couple months now with registering on PSXextreme. I have tried two of my e-mail accounts and neither of them are getting an e-mail to confirm the accounts. (Yes, I have checked my spam/junk folder) If anyone has ever had problems or knows how to fix it please let me know. PSXextreme is a great site and I enjoy the community so it would be great to become a part of it. Thanks in advance.
I'm not involved with the site at all but I can try to help. What email providers have you tried?

I just set up a fresh GMail account and tried using it to register on PSXE and the mail went straight through. So if you haven't tried GMail already I'd give that a go, or try adding to your contact lists on your existing accounts and see if that helps.
Thanks. Will try that out.
A little off topic but Gmail rocks. That simple.
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Thanks The Benny for the information. It worked. Unfortunately it was just in time to make it looked like I only signed up for the Monster Madness giveaway but hey it worked and I don't plan on leaving for awhile. Thanks again.
Glad I could help, Fatcat. Feel free to stick around on the forums too; it's not as sleek as the comments and nobody is giving out free games, but we have other fine qualities.
Tried registering for the main site today and the email never came through to my AOL account, and it wouldn't let me try again once I added the address to my address book, so I did the same for a Hotmail account and then registered without issue.

It might be worth adding a note to the registration page that certain email providers seem to completely block the email coming through and that temporarily adding the address to their address book should get around it.

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